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These Magnetic Measuring Spoons Make Cooking With Lots of Little Ingredients So Much Easier

The $16 set’s clever design saves me so much time.
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Did you know that you're supposed to take the plastic measuring spoon you're about to use off that little hook grouping them together? I didn't, not until recently. Every time I measured out a tablespoon of baking soda for banana nut muffins or a teaspoon of tamari for homemade teriyaki sauce, I dragged my whole clunky white set along, like a key ring with more decorative keychains than actual keys. And if I needed to re-use a spoon for that recipe, I'd inadvertently end up washing and drying the entire set.

But now that I have magnetic measuring spoons, that plastic set is buried in the back of a drawer. My mom stuffed this $16 magnetic measuring spoon set from Amazon in my stocking this past holiday season, and I'm so glad she did. I didn't realize how much time they would save me in the kitchen.

YellRin measuring spoons
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The set comes with six stainless steel spoons, ranging in measurement from ⅛ teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. The cheerily colored measurement labels double as magnets that are strong enough to hold all the pieces together, but easily they relinquish the spoon I want with a one-handed grab. The spoons are double-sided, with a perfectly round half-circle meant for liquids like sticky honey on one end and an oblong shape designed to fit into narrow spice jars on the other. So technically, you're getting 12 spoons in total.

If you're measuring the same amount of different things back to back, just flip the spoon around to avoid cross-contamination and save yourself a trip to the sink. Whenever you do need to wash them, the rust-proof spoons easily rinse clean with soap and warm water.

Amazon shoppers seem to agree with me that this particular set of stainless steel magnetic measuring spoons from YellRin is excellent. More than 500 shoppers have given the set a five-star rating, noting that it's hard for a spoon to go missing when they all stick together.