This Affordable Cookware Brand Wants to Equip Your Whole Kitchen—Here's Why We Love It

This chef-backed cookware company will upgrade your kitchen space.

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made in pan
Photo: Made In

Made In is on the rise. The cookware company that launched in 2017 with their line of easy-to-care-for American-made stainless-steel pans has since expanded their collection to non-stick and carbon steel, knives, cutting boards, a universal silicone lid, and now a roasting pan. With investors like Grant Achatz, Tom Colicchio, and Brooke Williamson, we decided to give the direct-to-consumer kitchenware a spin ourselves.

The F&W test kitchen tried out the stainless-clad line, and it was an immediate hit. Our cooks loved the volume labels on the bottom of each skillet and pan, making it easy to pull the right item when a recipe calls for a specific size. Made In's lid handles have higher than normal clearance, which makes them easier to grab and hold with your hand or a towel, and the handles on the pans are long and arched, which makes them more comfortable to carry.

carbon steel skillet
Made In

10" Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan, $69 at

The entire stainless-steel line is fully-clad, meaning the entire pan is formed from a sheet of metal made from bonding together layers of stainless steel and aluminum. The 3 layers of aluminum core conduct heat, while the stainless-steel outer layers make the pan durable, easy to clean and compatible with induction cooktops. These details are small reminders of the input from the chefs the company consults when designing the products.

made in lid
Made In

Universal Silicone Lid, $49 at

Made In founders Jack Kalick and Chip Malt set out to create a line of high-quality tools for the home cook, but quickly gained the attention of restaurant kitchens across the country. Achatz, chef and owner of the Alinea Restaurant Group, has outfitted his entire home kitchen with the Made In brand.

"It's not as if the other top-end brands are bad," Achatz agreed. "It's just that Made In has a more modern overall design, is a bit less fussy and more minimalist – all while being literally half the price for the quality."

made in roasting pan
Made In

Carbon Steel Roasting Pan, $99 at

By buying all the products for construction directly, and marketing directly to their customers, the company is able to pass along significant savings on their products. Colicchio invested in the company early on, helping to connect Made In with a broader community of chefs in the industry. He uses the pans at home as well as testing them out at his restaurants.

"I've been approached by a ton of cookware brands over the years, but Made In truly stands out from the pack," says Colicchio. "I decided to do a test drive of their product at my new restaurant, Small Batch. I have to say that it's performing great and at half the price of other name brand pans," he explains, "These are restaurant quality pans for the home chef."

made in cutting board
Made In

Butcher Block, $99 at

8-Inch Chef's Knife, $89 at

"Restaurant quality" means the pans stand up to the intensity of daily service without requiring time-intensive upkeep or special treatment. In addition to being well-made, Made In's cookware is designed for how people really cook, whether at home or in restaurants. The more you cook with them, the more you notice details that make them a pleasure to use.

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