Lodge Wonder Skillet

This Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Is Just $8 at Amazon—and Shoppers Call It the 'Best Nonstick Pan'

It’s perfect for preparing grilled cheese and frying eggs.
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If you've ever cooked with cast iron, you're well aware that it's hard to go back to a regular nonstick or even stainless steel skillet. After all, the material is naturally nonstick and enhances whatever you're cooking, whether you're frying up eggs or searing an entire steak. 

For those who are looking to add to their cast iron collection, consider opting for this Lodge 5-Inch Cast Iron Wonder Skillet—which is just $8 at Amazon. The small skillet is pre-seasoned out of the box, although shoppers recommend taking a bit of neutral oil and seasoning it yourself before using it. The pan's excellent heat retention will cook everything evenly—so you won't have to worry about hot spots. 

The skillet has a square shape with slightly raised edges, and the sturdy handle is outfitted with a hole, giving you the option to hang it while it's not in use. It's best used for frying a few eggs, melting cheese in the oven, and grilling sandwiches. Even better, the indestructible piece of cookware is compatible with most heat surfaces, including a campfire, stovetop, and oven. When you're done using it, simply follow the basic instructions to clean it, which includes rinsing it out with water, drying it, and finally coating it with a bit of neutral oil.     

To buy: Lodge 5-Inch Cast Iron Wonder Skillet, $8 (originally $23) at amazon.com

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have fallen in love with the skillet, with many calling it "perfect for morning breakfast egg sandwiches" and the "best nonstick pan I own." One shopper even wrote, "After using Lodge cast irons, including this square one, it is difficult to find a better value in kitchenware these days."

"This is a quality product that fits the need for cooks preparing small dishes," one five-star reviewer shared. "Why choose something larger when all you need is a small skillet like this one? Lodge is known for producing quality products and this is no exception."

"Just got it yesterday and washed it, seasoned it with sunflower oil, and used it this a.m. for an egg and then grilled cheese," another user said. "Works like a charm. Egg didn't stick at all first use! Just make sure the pan gets good and hot before adding the egg, which won't take long as this, being small, heats up super fast!" They added, "Happy with this purchase as I do own other cast iron pans, but this is perfect when I don't want to pull out the big guns. This will get used most often out of all the pans I am sure."

Head to Amazon and shop the Lodge 5-Inch Cast Iron Wonder Skillet for just $8—that's 65% off!—before this deal disappears for good.