The Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker That Shoppers Call a 'Kitchen Workhorse' Is 47% Off at Amazon

It has over 12,800 perfect ratings.

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Lodge Combo Cooker Cast Iron
Photo: Amazon

For anyone who hasn't experimented with cast iron cookware, it might seem intimidating. After all, it requires a certain careful maintenance, whether a pan simply needs to be reseasoned or cleaned after heavy use. But once you've done the research—and discovered it's not so overwhelming after all—you'll realize that cooking with cast iron is absolutely invaluable in the kitchen.

Those looking to add a new piece to the arsenal should consider the Lodge Combo Cast Iron Cooker, which is currently 47% off at Amazon. The cooker boasts two pans in one, complete with a deep skillet and a shallow pan that can either be used on the stove or as a lid. The material is excellent at retaining an even temperature throughout the entire skillet, so you're not left with hot or cold spots.

Each piece has already been seasoned, although many shoppers recommend adding a few more layers of oil after receiving it. Once it's ready to go, the combo cooker is the perfect vessel to sauté, sear, fry, and bake everything from skillet cornbread to sourdough bread and filets of steak. It can be used on just about every cooking surface, including on top of a grill and over a campfire, plus it's oven-safe. When it's ready to be washed, just make sure to follow these cleaning instructions, which will help preserve and maintain the cookware for years to come.

Lodge Combo Cooker Cast Iron, 10.25", Black
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To buy: Lodge Combo Cast Iron Cooker, $42 (originally $80) at

This combo cooker has earned a whopping 12,800 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers who say it was the "best decision ever" to buy this piece of cookware. Others call it a "kitchen workhorse" and "a lifelong companion," while another user said: "I started using mine the very first day upon receiving, and I have been using it every day since then."

"The closest thing I've seen to a miracle product in a long time," one five-star reviewer shared. "I wish I had bought one decades ago, but I was not aware they existed. I use this to bake round loaves of sourdough bread, and it works great." They added, "Beyond bread baking, it's a good-sized skillet for frying, and a good-sized pot for stewing, either covered or uncovered… If care is taken with it, it should last a couple of lifetimes, or more."

"This is a great versatile set to have," another shopper explained. "This particular design is nice because the skillet can act as a lid. There is a ridge around the rim to keep it on, and that makes the skillet a little different than one without that feature (e.g. not pour spout), but that's the reason I got the combo. Definitely a flexible set to have around."

Whether you've never worked with cast iron before or just want to add a new piece to your collection, shop the Lodge Combo Cast Iron Cooker for only $42 while it's on sale.

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