Calling All Harry Potter Fans: Le Creuset's Magical New Collection Has Dropped at Williams Sonoma

And it's bound to go fast.

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Le Creuset Harry Potter Collection
Photo: Le Creuset

Calling all Harry Potter diehards: Le Creuset just launched its most magical collection yet. The cookware brand dropped its collaboration with the mega-popular franchise on Monday, and it features dozens of nostalgic cookware pieces. From a Quidditch-themed Dutch oven to a Lord Voldemort rectangular covered casserole, each of the limited-edition items are bound to go fast ahead of the holidays.

You'll find enameled cast iron, stoneware, silicone baking tools, and cotton textiles within the whimsical line of products, drawing on "Le Creuset's iconic colors and shapes adorned with accents and depictions that draw inspiration from the films' beloved characters, Hogwarts houses, locations and iconic dishes," the brand said in a press release. As owner Paul van Zuydam shared in the same statement, "Chefs and Harry Potter fans alike will now be able to express their inner creativity as they transform humble ingredients into spectacular dishes."

Le Creuset Harry Potter Collection
Le Creuset

The Le Creuset x Harry Potter Collection is available at Williams Sonoma, and prices start at $25. Shop all the imaginative pieces in time for the holiday season down below.

Harry Potter Signature Round Dutch Oven

dutch oven
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

An ode to the boy who lived, the Harry Potter Signature Round Dutch Oven comes in Gryffindor's renowned house color (vibrant cherry red Cerise) and is adorned with a solid brass knob in the shape of the wizard's lightning-bolt scar.

To buy: $400;

Quidditch Signature Round Dutch Oven

dutch oven
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This equally stunning Signature Round Dutch Oven is embossed with the iconic Quidditch goal posts and features a solid brass knob of the Golden Snitch. Chasers, Seekers, and Keepers alike will marvel at its rich Marseille blue shade, which makes it a stovetop-worthy winner.

To buy: $300;

Lord Voldemort Rectangular Covered Casserole

caserole dish
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Dear Death Eaters, feast your eyes on this Lord Voldemort casserole dish. Branded with two powerful Dark Arts symbols in a matte black finish, the stoneware piece comes with a phoenix feather core wand dimensional handle and the Dark Mark of "He Who Must Not Be Named" on the inside.

To buy: $140;

Deathly Hallows Spoon Rest

spoon rest
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Inspired by the final novel in the series, this Deathly Hallows Spoon Rest has three-ringed grooved sides to hold spoons, spatulas, and ladles in between stirs and flips. The Resurrection Stone, Elder Wand, and Invisibility Cloak design is at your service, keeping splashes to a minimum.

To buy: $35;

Hogwarts Houses Dessert Plate Set

dessert plates
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Crafted with all the Hogwarts houses in mind, this four-piece dessert plate set invites every Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw to the table. Serve all of the castles' uniquely inspired desserts to friends and family atop the high-fired stoneware that's finished with a colored glaze.

To buy: $80;

Hedwig Pie Bird

pie bird
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

A tribute to one of the most important characters in the series, this Hedwig-shaped Pie Bird immaculately recreates Harry's loyal companion, from his white feathers to his black beak. A necessary tool for upcoming holiday pies, a pie bird vents steam during baking to prevent the pie's insides from overflowing while ensuring the crust stays firm and crisp.

To buy: $25;

Magical Locations Mug Set

four mugs
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

This set of four magical mugs highlight the quintessential businesses within the Harry Potter universe, including Ollivanders, Gringotts, and The Three Broomsticks. Even more enticing, each mug reveals a hidden message at the end of a hot beverage.

To buy: $100;

Hogwarts Express Kettle

tea kettle
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

To go alongside the mugs, the Hogwarts Express Kettle was designed in a bold matte black and Cerise red glaze over fast-heating premium carbon steel. The lid's gold knob is fitted with one essential tiny detail: The famous train platform number of 9 ¾.

To buy: $115;

Spellcasting Spatula Set

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Whip up your best desserts yet with the help of the Spellcasting Spatula Set, inspired by the wands of our favorite heroes: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Dumbledore. It includes a basting brush, small spatula, medium spatula, and spatula spoon, all made from BPA-free, heat-resistant silicone.

To buy: $75;

Hogwarts Houses Potholder

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

For those looking to take away something small from the collection, let it be this Hogwarts House Potholder made from cotton canvas and blue terry cloth. Adorned with all four house crests, it's a cheery, colorful kitchen addition.

To buy: $50;

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