We Found Major Discounts on Le Creuset at This Unlikely Retailer

It’s time to dive into cookware deals at Nordstrom Rack.
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If you're looking for a few kitchen tool upgrades or for great gifts to send loved ones this season, Le Creuset is always a good place to start. While the usual prices might give shoppers some sticker shock, there are often good deals on the quality French cookware brand (if you look hard enough). Right now those deals are ripe for the picking at Nordstrom Rack.

le creuset
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

We found everything from mugs and ice cream bowls to cast iron tools and the iconic Dutch ovens for up to 50% off. There are a few colors for each item, but we don't see these lasting long as certain colors are already selling out.

le creuset
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

Find the rectangular skinny grill in an enameled cast iron for just $80 (was $170) and have the perfect tool for grilling indoors once the weather turns cold. The 4-piece Heritage Bakeware set is 31% off at just $120 and has everything you need for gravy or Thanksgiving sides. In need of a single casserole dish? The 2.5-quart rectangular dish is just $35 (usually $50). The signature saucepan is also 20% off in a grey ombre.

The 3.5-quart Dutch oven is $225 (usually $305), an ideal size for smaller gatherings and home-cooked meals. Gift the green oolong kettle (23% off) to your tea-loving friend or family member. Keep your place in your cookbook while working in the kitchen with the cast iron cookbook stand (37% off) or serve up ice cream in bowls of every color (42% off). 

Le Creuset tools last for a lifetime, so once we're having big gatherings again, the dishes you create and serve with them will be all the more special. Check out all of Nordstrom Rack's kitchen deals here, and see our full list below for all the best deals to take advantage of right now.

le creuset grill pan
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

Rectangular Skinny Grill: 46% Off

To buy: $80 (was $150) at nordstromrack.com

le creuset bakeware
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

Heritage Bakeware 4-Piece Set: 31% Off

To buy: $120 (was $174) at nordstromrack.com

le creuset saucepan
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

Limited Time Grey Ombre 1.75 qt. Signature Saucepan: 20% Off

To buy: $150 (was $185) at nordstromrack.com

le creuset cookbook stand
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

Cast Iron Cookbook Stand: 37% Off

To buy: $100 (was $160) at nordstromrack.com

le creuset ice cream bowl
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

7 oz. Ice Cream Bowl: 42% Off

To buy: $12 (was $21) at nordstromrack.com

le creuset tea kettle
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

Le Creuset Oolong Kettle: 23% Off

To buy: $65 (was $85) at nordstromrack.com

le creuset Dutch oven
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

Round Wide Dutch Oven - 3.5 Quart: 26% Off

To buy: $225 (was $305) at nordstromrack.com

le creuset dog bowl
Credit: Nordstrom Rack

8" Pet Food Bowl: 40% Off

To buy: $30 (was $50) at nordstromrack.com