KitchenArt’s auto-measure spice dispenser has saved me cooking time, too.

By Maya Gandara
January 23, 2020
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If there is one thing I have always wanted to change about my city kitchen, it would be the overflowing drawer that’s the black hole where my spice bottles go to get lost. With nowhere else to put them, I’ve spent too many ravenous moments after work sifting through that drawer, only to give up and settle for salt and pepper. With a need for more spice in my life, I’ve been looking for creative storage solutions for my impossibly small kitchen. 

My search led me to the Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel from KitchenArt. A unique and efficient way of storing your spices, the handy device saves time by removing the step of using measuring spoons. Simply detach one of the twelve spice compartments and release your spices in three methods: twist the dial for ¼ tsp. increments, use the shaker top for light seasoning, or pour out larger amounts through the opening at the top. 

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To buy: $25;

Mounted on a 360-degree rotating base, finding your spices will only take a second. And, if like me, you have more than twelve spices to store, you can purchase multiple carousels and stack them to save counter space, or mount them under cabinets for easier access. Each compartment holds 4.5 ounces, so most spice bottles can be completely emptied and tossed away. 

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Since all my spices used to be thrown together and indistinguishable from one another, I now relish in the fact that I can find exactly what I need right away thanks to the sticker labels included with the dispenser. Mounted right next to my stove, every spice is just an arms reach away. I also love that the three different methods make it easy to use just the right amount of spice each time—light sprinkling for my sheet pan veggies, the large top pour for marinating meats, and the auto measure dial for my more specific recipes. 

Courtesy of Amazon

Although I’m a newer fan of the KitchenArt spice dispenser, some Amazon shoppers have used it for years and still describe it as “one of the most convenient objects in my kitchen.” 

Add more spice (and space) to your life for just under $25 with the KitchenArt spice dispenser. Storing your spices and herbs can’t get any more effortless.