A Set of 3 KitchenAid Mixing Bowls Is Just $19 at Amazon—and They're Great for Chefs and Bakers

According to shoppers, they deserve "a spot in the kitchen."

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KitchenAid Universal Mixing Bowls
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Holiday baking is officially upon us, whether you're the kind of home cook who spends all of December slinging holiday cookies or attempting to perfectly roll out a buche de noel. But no matter what you're making, you're going to want to rely on a trusty set of mixing bowls.

Consider the KitchenAid Set of 3 Universal Mixing Bowls, which is currently 41% off at Amazon. The set includes 2.5-, 3.5-, and 4.5-quart mixing bowls, each complete with a non-slip base that enhances stability while you're furiously whisking or folding dry ingredients into wet. The mixing bowls are designed with a handy pouring spout, making it easy to transfer mixes and prevent otherwise inevitable spills.

When the mixing bowls aren't being used, they can be nested together to take up less space in the cabinet. Plus you don't have to worry about washing each one by hand; just stick the bowls in the dishwasher on the top rack for easy cleanup.

mixing bowls
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To buy: KitchenAid Set of 3 Universal Mixing Bowls, $19 (originally $32) at amazon.com

Hundreds of Amazon shoppers have given the bowls a five-star rating, calling them "new and improved." One reviewer writes that they're "great for any and all bakers and chefs out there," while another adds, "KitchenAid is a leading brand for a reason. [Its] products are good quality and often times better than the generic knock offs."

"These are absolutely great," one five-star reviewer shared. "I love the nonstick bottom. They're plenty big for stirring all sorts of stuff, and ensuring that it doesn't slop out. I also particularly like the top spouts, perfect for pouring pancake batter or anything else. Overall, these are really nice bowls and deserving of a spot in the kitchen."

"What isn't to love about KitchenAid?" another user said. "I have a mixer, a processor, and various attachments, and I've used and love them all. I have been on the market for some new mixing bowls, so these came up just in time." They added, "I love that they have the non-slip base, especially since I have a toddler who loves to help in the kitchen. I have a glass mixing bowl set that I love, but when she helps they aren't the most ideal to use—especially now that we have tile flooring."

Head to Amazon and shop the KitchenAid Set of 3 Universal Mixing Bowls for just $19 while this deal lasts.

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