If you’re in the market for a Thanksgiving helper or a great Christmas gift, now is the time.

By Megan Soll
October 17, 2019
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Every household covets the classic KitchenAid Stand Mixer. And for good reason: It’s famously sturdy and powerful, has the option for 15 different attachments and the tilt-head design makes it accessible and easy to use. The 5-quart stainless steel bowl is large  enough for dozens of cookies and the 59-touchpoint rotation means that everything is mixed thoroughly with the flat beater, dough hook or wire whisk. What’s more, the countertop-worthy appliance doubles as a stylish centerpiece, depending on the color you choose. 

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As wonderful as the mixer is, it does come with a big price tag. That’s why we checked all the versions on offer on Amazon and found 16 different colors, all 30% off the list price of $429. These 16 colors are all a smooth $300 (there are even more if you care to investigate). Pick from wine-inspired Bordeaux, matte black and all white or even tangerine and persimmon hues for a pop of color. If you’re in need of a great investment for fall baking or an amazing holiday gift for your loved ones, these are some of the best deals on the 5-Quart Stand Mixer right now.

Deep Red Tones


Top Left: Espresso, $300 (originally $429)
Top Right: Bordeaux, $300 (originally $429)
Bottom Left: Boysenberry, $300 (originally $429)
Bottom Right: Gloss Cinnamon, $300 (originally $429)

Black and White


Top Left: Onyx Black, $300 (originally $429)
Top Right: Imperial Black, $300 (originally $429)
Bottom Left: White On White, $300 (originally $429)
Bottom Right: Almond Cream, $300 (originally $429)

Bright Accents


Top Left: Watermelon, $300 (originally $429)
Top Right: Majestic Yellow, $300 (originally $429)
Bottom Left: Tangerine, $300 (originally $429)
Bottom Right: Persimmon, $300 (originally $429)

Cool Blues


Top Left: Blue Willow, $300 (originally $429)
Top Right: Aqua Sky, $300 (originally $429)
Bottom Left: Crystal Blue, $300 (originally $429)
Bottom Right: Cobalt Blue, $300 (originally $429)