KitchenAid Classic Blender Spatula

This Unique Spatula Is the Answer to All the Food Stuck in the Corners of Jars and Blenders

It’s the tool you never knew you needed.
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It's the seemingly small kitchen problems that always end up being the most annoying. Pans with crusted-on eggs, jars with unreachable corners, and smoothies glued to the very bottom of the blender are all common kitchen struggles. While there are plenty of products out there that promise to help with one or two of these pains, there's a spatula shoppers are turning to instead that can tackle all of these and more. 

Kitchenaid's blender spatula is the sleek, narrow tool that's always needed when your blended creations just won't budge from the depths of the plastic cup. That being said, this isn't a gadget with just one talent; shoppers have found many uses that have made it a cooking staple.  

KitchenAid Classic Blender Spatula,
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The sturdy, blade-like utensil is one solution to quite a few kitchen conundrums. Nonstick pans that can't handle your metal scrapers will be just fine with this silicone one. Peanut butter jars with the last spoonful hiding at the very bottom can finally be scraped clean with the smooth edges of this spatula. And, to reiterate the obvious, your smoothies, soups, and salsas won't be left behind—this handy scraper can reach the bits that were once inaccessible.

It's brilliant in place of a regular spatula, too, as others noted. The smooth, tapered edges allow it to scoop up every last drop of mixes. "This blender spatula has saved me so much batter when baking," wrote a customer. "It scrapes the mixing bowl clean and can produce extra cookies, muffins, banana bread, etc!"

They weren't the only one impressed with its leave-no-trace skills. As one reviewer wrote, "We used this to get the remaining sauce from our pan when we cooked butter chicken and it basically cleaned the pan better than rinsing it!"

On top of its aforementioned uses, it's also quite a bit cheaper than (but just as helpful as) competing brands' versions. "I have been using mine on a Vitamix," explained a shopper. "Way less expensive than the Vitamix tool for the same job." Others noted that Oster and Bella Kitchen blenders are also compatible with its shape. 

It seems simple but Kitchenaid's blender spatula is certainly essential for dealing with kitchen complexities. Shop the aqua and pistachio colors now while they're a few dollars off.