Shoppers Say These Best-Selling KitchenAid Shears 'Can Cut Through Anything,' and They're Only $8

People use them for herbs, fish skin, bacon, and even chicken bone.

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KitchenAid All Purpose Shears with Protective Sheath
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Yes, every home cook needs a sharp knife for cutting herbs, meats, and vegetables. But for a multipurpose tool that speeds up ingredient prep, you need kitchen shears. These scissors cut slippery poultry, delicate dough, and unwieldy herb bundles easily and with control. If you're thinking of adding a pair to your kitchen, KitchenAid's All-Purpose Shears are loved by thousands of Amazon shoppers and are on sale for just $8.

Made with durable stainless steel blades, these shears are designed to cut through practically anything—including chicken bones for spatchcocking. In fact, people also use the KitchenAid shears to cut packaging, fish skin, raw meat, herbs, crab legs, pizza slices, and more. It's no wonder shoppers share that they've bought a second pair for different tasks around the kitchen.

KitchenAid All-Purpose Shears
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: KitchenAid All-Purpose Shears, $8 (originally $12) at

Unlike other scissors, these shears have mini serrations on the blades to deliver a swift and clean cut. Plus, these divots are great for gripping slippery foods like raw chicken or bacon. Multiple reviewers swear that the blades are extremely sharp, and one even said it "cuts like a surgical knife." To protect your fingers when stowed away, it comes with a plastic sheath.

These scissors have comfortable, ergonomic handles with a grippy exterior to give you a good hold while cutting packaging or maneuvering around bones. You'll also notice that the handles have large openings to accommodate multiple fingers. And at 8-inches long, the shears provide enough leverage for cutting through tough ingredients, too.

In addition to being strong, the stainless steel tool is also rust-resistant. It's always a good idea to handwash blades to preserve their edges, but these scissors are dishwasher-safe if you're in a rush.

The KitchenAid shears are incredibly popular. They have earned more than 23,500 five-star ratings to date and are an Amazon best seller.

"These shears are everything one needs," one shopper said. They continued to say the shears are "perfectly sharp, but not so much that you cut yourself," cite that they're "heavy enough, so you can feel confident using them," and even confirm that you "can cut through anything!"

A reviewer with arthritis said, "These are the best kitchen shears I've ever used, and I've been cooking for 45 years." They also confirmed that the scissors' grip is "extremely comfortable" and said butterflying chicken with these is "easy peasy."

It's time to upgrade your cutlery collection with the KitchenAid All-Purpose Shears while they're on sale for $8.

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