Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener
Credit: Amazon

This Can Opener Only Needs 2 Taps to Do Its Job and Doesn't Create Any Sharp Edges

Shoppers say it “truly works like magic.”
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Opening cans is mundane at best, and painful at worst. Not to mention, the jagged edges, paper shreds, and metal shavings involved make twisting away with a can opener all the more annoying. Though the futuristic gadgets capable of opening cans with WiFi or by snapping your fingers aren't available (yet), Amazon shoppers have found the next best thing. 

Kitchen Mama's electric can opener slides its way around a can in two taps thanks to its battery-powered motor and magnet, leaving hands, cords, and frustration out of it. The gadget can even handle can lids with pull-top tabs and industrial-sized cans. Its powers are so impressive, it's earned a five-star stamp of approval from over 28,800 shoppers.

Kitchen Mama electric can opener
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

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The can opener "truly works like magic," according to one shopper—a sentiment echoed by many others. One person even went so far as to call it "the eighth wonder of the world." So what makes it stand out from the can openers of yesteryear?

After setting it on the lip of your can, one press of the button gets it revved up and slicing and a second click of the button stops it. Once it's done, you're left with a can that's been opened without any hassle and is free of dangerous sharp edges. Because of this hands-free technology, the can opener is ideal for folks with arthritis, tendonitis, reduced mobility, or anyone who has difficulty gripping or cranking. 

"If I could give this little can opener 10 stars, I would!" wrote a reviewer, adding. "I was looking for a can opener that would be good for someone with arthritic hands and also for my oldest son who is married but is a quadriplegic … This is the easiest and safest can opener I've ever used in my life!" Another person shared, "I have severe arthritis in my thumbs and hands; this can opener has relieved all struggles opening cans."

Counter space won't be wasted either, as this compact little mechanism tucks away into your utensil drawer. But don't let the petite size fool you either—it's tiny but mighty and still able to tackle cans that tower over it. 

"I snagged this little guy thinking if it doesn't work for commercial grade cans, it will be a nice automatic opener for home," began one reviewer. "Well, lo and behold, it DOES open and IS strong enough for #10 cans! [It] opens them right up with little struggle. In the past couple [of] days. I've probably opened 20 medium sized cans and 20 #10 cans with ease."

The Kitchen Mama can opener is available in three splashy colors (red, sky blue, and teal green) and white, and it's currently on sale for $29. Grab one now and instantly delegate one of cooking's most tedious tasks to this mini machine.