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This Smokeless Stovetop Pan 'Cooks Just Like an Outdoor Grill'—and It's Only $25 Right Now

No need to step out on the patio.
By Nina Huang
April 29, 2021
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It can't be summer without barbecue, but you can enjoy the charred, juicy flavors of a homemade grilled steak and corn on the cob year-round. Indoor grills like Ninja's popular Foodi Smart Grill get the job done, but if you don't want another appliance taking over your countertop, then a stovetop grill pan is the way to go.

Amazon shoppers rave about Kitchen + Home's stovetop grill pan in particular, saying it "cooks just like an outdoor grill." It's also an affordable way to cook up a barbecue storm, since the pan is on sale for just $25 right now.

To buy: Kitchen + Home Stovetop Smokeless Grill, $25 (originally $30) at

The smokeless pan comes in two parts, the griddle and the dripping-catching UFO-shaped disc, which allow you to easily grill meats and vegetables without making a giant mess. Reviewers suggest adding some water to the drip pan before using to add moisture to your food and to eliminate any possible smoke. Since the PFOA-free stovetop grill pan is nonstick (so no cooking oil needed), cleanup is easy—although the brand recommends washing it by hand, you can toss it in the dishwasher in a pinch. Perhaps best of all, it's campsite-friendly.

One shopper called the pan "awesome," saying that it's "easy to cook on," has "great heat distribution," and "stays put." "Clean-up was really easy," they continued. "While cooking I stayed medium to low [heat] and it was good enough to put a nice sear on some kalbi I cooked as well as a ribeye."

Another said it "works beautifully," adding, "It might take a little longer to cook than a very hot grill would, but other than that it is a perfect substitute."

Instead of picking up propane tanks, grab Kitchen + Home's smokeless stovetop grill pan for quick and easy barbecue this summer. Shop it on sale at Amazon below.

To buy: Kitchen + Home Stovetop Smokeless Grill, $25 (originally $30) at