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Keurig Users Swear This Cleaner Is a 'Life-Saver'—and It's Nearly 75% Off

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Keurig owners know just how life-changing the convenient single-serve appliances are, especially during busy mornings when time is of the essence. However, figuring out how to correctly clean the device can be tricky. There are pods that can do a lot of the work for you, but sometimes a wash isn't all that your machine needs. 

Like most coffee makers, a Keurig can start to collect scale. Minerals from hard water and brew residue build up on the inside of the device, and can damage the machine's functionality and affect coffee's taste. Scale buildup is fairly common around the needle that punctures K-cups, and can also lead to more serious problems when the appliance's waterways are clogged. To ensure this doesn't happen, Amazon shoppers use one simple tool that they say is a "life-saver."

The needle-cleaning gadget takes just a few minutes to use. Simply fill it with water and then place it where you normally put pods in. You'll then lift and close the latch a few times so that the needle goes in and out of the opening slot. According to shoppers, this process loosens any sticky coffee grounds or tough-to-remove residue that accumulate in the machine. 

Keurig Needle Cleaning Tool
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"This simple little item is easy to use, cleans up nicely once finished, and is fairly cheap to buy," explained one five-star reviewer. "I think this extended my Keurig's life for many more years."

More than 4,300 people have given the tool a perfect five-star rating, and today it's on sale for just $4 when it usually retails for $16. This deal is even better when you compare it to the cost of a brand new Keurig, which you might need if scale malfunctions damage your machine.. 

One five-star review called it "absolutely vital," adding that it's "the only way to dislodge those clogs." Now those are accolades that'll wake you up. Shop the cleaner on sale now for nearly 75% off while the discount's still live.