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This Compact Trash Can That Eliminates Cross-Contamination Can Always Be Within Reach

It attaches to cabinets and drawers for easy access.
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Wouldn't it be magical to have a wastebasket that follows you around the kitchen to pick up scraps during meal prep? Amazon shoppers seem to have found the closest thing to that, and it's racking up a lot of love. 

The KaryHome sealed trash can fits onto cabinets, cribs, drawers, doors and so much more to provide easy access for disposal. Designed to control the smell of everything from diapers to compost, it has an automatic and hands-free closure that is especially useful when your hands are full. This feature also keeps you from having to constantly wash your hands in the kitchen. 

"This trash can is a must-have for people who love cooking," wrote one reviewer, who left five stars. "I keep a big trash bin under my sink, but I was constantly opening and closing it and touching the trash bin. It's not sanitary as you could cross-contaminate with E. coli, salmonella, or other nasty germs. Also, you would have to take out the trash a day or two after cooking since the trash would start to smell. I wanted a smaller kitchen trash can that I can empty out more frequently… This works very well. I hang one by the kitchen cabinet and drop trash as I slice and dice."

Similar to the brand's compost bucket, the KaryHome trash bin can be hung with an included mount (reviewers say it's easy to remove and re-attach as needed) or with adhesives. The simple design allows you to transfer it from spot to spot without hassle. It can also be placed on the ground like a traditional trash can. The small size is good for bathrooms and home offices. 

Shoppers seem to be doing all of the above—and then some. "We purchased one of these trashcans a couple years ago for our guest bathroom," wrote a reviewer. "We found it to be so perfect that we purchased another for our bathroom. It mounts easily, one on the side of a wood cabinet and the second sits on a below sink shelf. The lid is awesome keeping everything covered and out of sight while being simple to use with one hand."

And though it's a trash can, it's not an eyesore. It comes in three colors that'll likely blend in seamlessly with your kitchen—tan, grey, and white. When it's not in use, it's easy to unlatch and hide in cabinets or pantries. Plus, it comes in two sizes. You can buy a 6-liter bin for $14 or a slightly larger 10-liter bin for $20.  Either way, you'll be breathing a sigh of relief when it chops your cleaning time in half. 

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KaryHome Compost Bin Indoor Kitchen Sealed, Compost Bin
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