This Coffee Innovation Is the Fastest Way to Enjoy a Professional-Level Cup at Home

One tablespoon of Jot is all you need.

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I love the ritual of making coffee. The measuring, pouring, seeping—no matter if I’m making French press or cold brew, it’s a process that’s almost as comforting as that first sip. But it’s also something I reserve for lazy weekends. Monday through Friday, I need something much speedier as I hustle to get to work on time. (Yes, even now while working from home—battling my snooze button has never been harder when the commute is just minutes to my couch.)

That’s why I was so excited when I learned about Jot, an ultra-concentrated brew that transforms into any coffee beverage you can dream of in mere seconds. Using a revolutionary “reverse gravitational extraction,” the flavor is 20 times more concentrated than a normal cup of joe. All you need is a single tablespoon to create a barista-level cappuccino, espresso, or iced coffee at home.

Jot Ultra Coffee Review

“Imagine making an enormous, slow, upside-down espresso with impeccable precision to eliminate over-extraction,” said Jot co-founder Palo Hawken. “This is not a twist on an existing coffee brewing technique. It’s a completely new process.”

Jot tastes incredibly rich and smooth. It’s also incredibly strong—you really, truly only need a tablespoon. My favorite way to drink it is as an iced coffee, which involves combining Jot with 8 ounces of water and ice. I also tried it as a latte by adding 8 ounces of warm milk, but was shocked I gravitated to the iced version more. I’m a milk-with-coffee drinker! But I found Jot’s flavor to be so balanced that I enjoyed it even more black. And, of course, I loved that the only thing I had to wash was a tablespoon and my glass.

Another thing I appreciate about Jot is the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Not only does the direct-to-consumer company use organic Fair Trade beans, but its revolutionary process reduces waste by getting 30% more brew out of every bean. After that, Jot composts 100% of its spent grounds as soil amenders for local farmers.

Jot comes in 6.8-ounce glass bottles that make 14 servings. It costs $24, but that breaks down to just $1.71 per cup—even less if you sign up for a $20 subscription. And the fact that it’s the speediest way to enjoy a world-class cup of coffee? Well, that’s just priceless.

Ultra Coffee Jot
Courtesy of Jot

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