ja henckels knife sale
Credit: Zwilling

Act Fast: A 2-Piece J.A. Henckels Knife Set Is on Sale for Just $20

They’re sharp, lightweight, and comfortable to hold.
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A trusty knife set is guaranteed to get you far in the kitchen. Armed with a sharp blade, you can delicately mince garlic, expertly carve meats, and finely dice everything from onions and tough carrots to tomatoes and ginger. Without a sharp chef's knife, cooking would be supremely challenging. 

So if the one knife you've been relying on has become dull past repair or simply isn't cutting it these days, consider replacing it with this 2-piece knife set from J.A. Henckels that's currently on sale at Zwilling. Normally retailing for $47, this set of santoku knives has been slashed to just $20—a steal considering one of these German-made chef's knives usually costs a minimum of $50.      

The set includes two stainless steel knives, the larger one sizing up at 7 inches, with the smaller one at 5.5 inches. The Japanese design means the knives are quite light and slim compared to the more traditional, but heavier, German version. They've been forged at an acute angle and are outfitted with hollow edges that not only thwart air pockets but also prevent food from sticking to the blade. 

Credit: Courtesy of Zwilling

To buy: J.A. Henckels Solution 2-Piece Knife Set, $20 (originally $47) at zwilling.com

Zwilling customers can't seem to stop using these knives, with shoppers noting that they're a "pleasure to cut with" and a "new secret weapon" in the kitchen. Many mention how they like the ability to switch between sizes, depending on the task at hand, and say their arms don't get tired during long chopping sections thanks to the comfortable, sturdy handle. 

"I love santoku knives because they give me accuracy with very little waste," one five-star reviewer wrote. "This set is great because this smaller size is great for vegetable and herb prep and the larger one for cutting and chopping proteins and large root veg[etables]. The blades are very sharp and easy to maintain and the handles very comfortable to hold." 

"Nice set for any kitchen," another reviewer added. "Love the weight of the knife—lighter than some of the other German knives. The hollowed edges help move food away from the blade quickly so big prep jobs seem easier."

Grab this 2-piece set of J.A. Henckels santoku knives before they sell out and instantly see the difference in all your slicing and dicing.