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Serious Barbecuers Say This Gadget Is the Key to Perfectly Cooked Meat, Every Time

The reviews speak for themselves.
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Summer is almost here, which means the season of backyard barbecues and family cookouts is approaching. This year, make sure each burger is better than the last by outfitting your grill with the best equipment, including a top-of-the-line meat thermometer.

When it comes to meat thermometers, you could go with a traditional, tech-free version that simply measures the temperature of your meat—nothing more, nothing less. Or you could upgrade to a smart thermometer like the Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer and never have to worry about grilling a less-than-perfect steak again.

Inkbird Grill Bluetooth
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With its 11 meat modes, five taste types (from rare to well-done), built-in timer, and rechargeable battery, the Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer is a serious improvement over any basic thermometer. It can be used with indoor ovens, outdoor grills, and even smokers. Thanks to the sockets, which support six probes at the same time, you can have confidence in your cooking despite temperature differences across the grill. 

Perhaps the best part, though, is the corresponding app. The Inkbird app connects to your thermometer through bluetooth technology and allows you to keep tabs on the progress of your cooking, even if you're hanging out on the other side of the backyard. Its interface is clean and easily understandable, and connecting to the thermometer isn't a lengthy, confusing process.

Enthusiastic reviewers agree—both grilling novices and serious barbecuers can find something to love in the Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer. 

"I've been grilling and making BBQ for the past 10-12 years, and I take it pretty seriously," one reviewer wrote. "The InkBird app, used in conjunction with the capabilities of your smartphone, puts this device light-years ahead of any other product that I've used. I don't think I can overstate how much better the InkBird interface is than any other remote thermometer in this category."

Even if six temperature probes seem excessive, reviewers say they'll quickly prove useful. "The six probes truly are an asset in my Bradley Smoker," another reviewer raved. "Each rack of meats has its own probe. What this means to me is that I can monitor each rack without opening the smoker and dropping my temps and losing smoke. On those busy days, it means no more doing the rotation of the racks. Now I come out with EVERY rack done to perfection!"

Plus, with Memorial Day right around the corner, reviewers say the Inkbird thermometer makes an excellent gift—even for the barbecuer who swears they don't need to rely on any fancy tech. One reviewer who bought it for her husband wrote that it "turned this old fashioned, 'I'm not going to use that ever' grilling bbq man into a 'Wow! This is awesome! I owe you an apology.'"

Get ready for summer days filled with effortless grilling and perfect smoking thanks to the Inkbird Bluetooth Thermometer. And since it's currently available with an extra 20 percent coupon on Amazon, we recommend grabbing one while the deal lasts.