Honey Dispenser

Avoid Sticky Messes with This Drip-Proof Honey Dispenser

It happens to be on sale.
By Katie Macdonald
May 20, 2021
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Winnie the Pooh may not have minded a face full of golden honey, but most of us would gladly avoid the mess even a small smackerel can make. Squeeze bottles are cleaner alternatives to a honey pot, but for an even better way to avoid drips and splatters, Amazon shoppers have turned to this sweet dispenser. Right now, it's marked down to just $22.

The Hunnibi Glass Dispenser is designed with a simple trigger release to pour honey and other sticky substances like maple syrup and caramel sauce without creating a mess. Its smooth gravity-fed flow stops as soon as you let go of the tool's lever, meaning you have complete control over how much honey to add to your drink or dish. 

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Hunnibi Glass Dispenser, $22 (originally $33) at amazon.com

The container's sturdy glass body holds 1 cup of honey and rests on an included glass stand while not in use. And the stand isn't just a pretty way to display the charming honeycomb-themed pourer; it also doubles as an airtight stopper. No matter if you're storing pancake syrup, honey, or sauce for homemade sundaes, the Hunnibi will keep contents fresh.

The Hunnibi dispenser has generated quite the buzz on Amazon. More than 2,000 shoppers have rated the gadget five stars, with many complimenting its high-quality build and confirming it keeps counters clean.

"Finally! A honey jar/dispenser that isn't a gooey mess and keeps the honey from hardening," one wrote. "And it's beautiful on the counter at our coffee and tea station."

Another added, "We have honey bees, therefore, we use a lot of honey. I have purchased dozens of honey dispensers, looking for just the right one. One that wouldn't make a sticky mess, was easy to clean and refill, and would make it easy for everyone (including the kids) to use. THE SEARCH IS OVER!"

Normally priced at $33, the Hunnibi dispenser is now 36% off for a limited time. Shop the kitchen gadget for $22 on Amazon before it jumps back to its original price.