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Cool Down Your Kitchen With This $25 Fan That Shoppers Call 'Whisper Quiet'

Don’t sweat cooking anymore.
By Katie Macdonald
July 12, 2021
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During sweltering summer days, you might find yourself desperately avoiding the oven, the stove, heck, even the toaster. Anything that makes an already steamy kitchen hotter is a big ask even for frequent cooks. But the lure of summer dishes—juicy fruit crumbles, crispy fried crab cakes, eggplant roasted until it's tender and creamy—is too tempting to resist. That's why we're calling in backup to beat the heat.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by the cooling power of Honeywell's QuietSet Personal Table Fan, including plenty of home cooks who say it's an excellent kitchen helper. Many write that the affordable appliance keeps temperatures down while cooking and baking, and its slim body easily fits on kitchen countertops. 

"It's in my tiny kitchen that can get very warm when I'm cooking," one said. "This little 'tornado' blows that heat out beautifully."

To buy: Honeywell QuietSet Personal Table Fan, $25 (originally $30) at

While it has a compact 5.1-inch by 13-inch build, the Honeywell fan easily cools small rooms and personal spaces. It features four cooling levels controlled by a user-friendly touchpad, and has an oscillating function to increase air circulation. Its built-in eight-hour automatic shutoff is perfect for busy cooks juggling other tasks .

Even doubters have been impressed by the Honeywell fan's performance, with one writing, "I didn't think a product like this—light and compact—could be good at cooling. Well, I was wrong. I turned this on in my room-temperature kitchen and I was quickly chilly."

And if you're a fan of listening to music or podcasts while cooking, this Honeywell device won't drown out your playlists. Dozens of users call the small-but-mighty machine "whisper quiet."  

Best of all, the Honeywell's DC motor is energy efficient, which feels like a bonus on top of its already wallet-friendly price tag. At just $30, reviewers call the mini fan a "great value." And even better, you can snag one on sale for $25.

Add the Honeywell QuietSet Personal Table Fan to your kitchen now and you can get back to cooking the summer dishes you crave.