This Strawberry Basil Aperitif Is Perfect for Late Summer Picnics—but It Won't Last Long

You won’t want to miss out on this limited-edition beverage. 

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haus strawberry basil
Photo: Haus

While fall is on the way, you can still enjoy a seasonal beverage while living out a few more weeks of warm weather. Haus is a shopper- and editor-loved aperitif brand, known for its low-ABV beverages with unique botanical flavors, and it just launched a new flavor just in time for summer's end: Strawberry Basil. And if you're interested in adding Haus' new aperitif to your bar cart, you'll want to act fast, since it's only around for a limited time.

Strawberry Basil is a light, juicy, and herbal beverage that tastes like summer in a bottle. With an ABV of 18 percent (which the brand contextualizes as stronger than wine but lighter than whiskey) and 40 calories and 2.1 grams of sugar per ounce each, it's not overly sweet, and when consumed responsibly, it can even help you avoid that cocktail-induced hangover.

As a lover of at-home cocktails (a quarantine development), I was excited to try this new aperitif for myself. The flavor is unique and complex; it certainly didn't make for the simply sweet cocktail I'd been expecting—in the best way. Rather, the beverage offers a complex taste of ripe strawberry, basil, and jasmine pearl tea. The herbal notes are strong, which makes for a great pairing with gin. I tested the beverage on the rocks, with a splash of sparkling water, and with gin, and was most pleased with the combination of gin topped off with my favorite fizzy water. It's light and refreshing, making it perfect for drinking while enjoying outside, whether you're in your backyard, rooftop, at a picnic, or in my case, on my Brooklyn fire escape.

Bottle of aperitif
Courtesy of Haus

To buy: Haus Strawberry Basil, $40 at

For this summery-feeling drink, you'll want to shop this launch from Haus sooner rather than later, especially since it's a limited release. You'll also want to add some of Haus' best-sellers to your cart, including Grapefruit Jalapeño, Citrus Flower, and Lemon Lavender. It's the perfect variety to carry you through the fall.

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