Anchovy paste, cake testers, an heirloom cast-iron skillet and more home kitchen picks from the New York chef.

By Max Bonem
Updated May 18, 2017
Michael Möller/EyeEm/Getty Images

Harold Moore, executive chef of Harold's Meat + Three, now embraces comfort and simplicity after years of working in some of New York's most high profile restaurants. He shared his five kitchen essentials when he stopped by the F&W Test Kitchen this week to make his Grilled Fish Tacos with Cantaloupe Pico de Gallo.

The cookware he can't live without:

When Moore isn't busy cooking for guests at his restaurant, he likes to keep meals simple at home for his girlfriend and himself. "I end up cooking 90 percent of my meals at home in an eight-inch nonstick sauté pan or a two-quart Cuisinart sauce pot with a glass lid," he says. "I really don’t like to use a lot of pots when I don't have to, so I keep things to a minimum."

The most important tools in his kitchen:

"My most handy tool is a cake tester because I constantly use one to see if fish is cooked through or not," he explains. "I also love a good metal spoon as an all-purpose tool. I use one for everything from plating to flipping to tasting."

The old-school pan he'll never replace:

Moore's most treasured kitchen heirloom also happens to be one of his most versatile pans. "My favorite cast iron pan formerly belonged to my grandmother, who then passed it on to me," he says. "I use it all the time for both desserts and for any meat roasting that I do indoors."

The cookbook he values most:

"When I first started cooking, I really relied on a cookbook by Anne Willan called La Varenne Pratique," he explains. "It’s so concise of a tool and it was especially great for when I was first working at Daniel in 1995 and needed to learn about French cooking in a hurry."

The items he always has in his refrigerator:

Moore likes to keep his refrigerator well-stocked with big flavors that he can use last minute to enhance any number of dishes. "I always make sure to have Golden’s Mustard, Frank’s Red Hot, capers and tubes of both anchovy paste and tomato paste on hand," he says. "Having these ingredients ensures that I can always put together something delicious quickly."