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Hanging Baskets Are the Secret to Saving Counter Space

And they look cute, too.
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When kitchen storage gets tight, sometimes you have to get creative. Every kitchen isn't blessed with ample cabinet or pantry space, and storing items on the countertop just adds clutter to an already cramped situation. As a chef and wine geek with far too many gadgets (including an entire hutch dedicated solely to stemware because, priorities) I've learned to optimize what little space I do have. 

One of my favorite ways of creating more space is to store things vertically, rather than horizontally across my countertops. I've been relying on hanging baskets in my kitchen for storing everything from bread to bananas, and I love how they create space and structure at the same time.  Hanging baskets are perfect for kitchen storage because they can attach to the ceiling, wall, or the back of a pantry door. As a bonus, they look chic and streamlined, too. 

If you're looking for a kitchen storage upgrade that's a bit more stylish than your typical plastic bins, take a look at some of the hanging baskets on Amazon. From tiered metal containers to macrame baskets, there are tons of options that will surely upgrade every type of kitchen. We've rounded up our favorites to get you started. 

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The Nifty Nook Farmhouse Wall Hanging Baskets

For a rustic look, this farmhouse-style set of two metal and wire hanging baskets affixes to a kitchen wall or cabinet door to provide out-of-the-way storage. The set comes with two size options, one large and one small, to hold everything from bananas to onions or baby potatoes. If mounting isn't an option, they can also sit flat on any tabletop.

To buy: $28 at amazon.com

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CAXXA 3-Tier Hanging Basket

These heavy-duty wire baskets are designed to support bulkier fruits and vegetables like apples or squash. The three-tiered set is equipped with large, medium, and small baskets to accommodate different-sized goods. The durable wire construction is made from alloy steel and comes in two colors: black or bronze. 

To buy: $22 at amazon.com

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3-Tier Wicker Hanging Basket

If you're looking for a different style, these woven wicker hanging baskets are designed to give a more natural, casual look. The three-tiered construction saves space by keeping things off the countertop, but each basket is detachable for added versatility. The durable baskets and heavy-duty steel chain can hold up to 20 pounds. 

To buy: $37 at amazon.com

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Macrame Fruit Hammock

This handy hammock sits underneath cabinets to conveniently and efficiently store fruit up and away from surfaces. It's perfect for easily storing bananas and apples, but can also be used to keep essentials like onions and garlic right above your food prep area for easy access. The soft macrame construction prevents bruising on more vulnerable fruits.

To buy: $11 (originally $25) at amazon.com

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Wall Mounted 3-Tier Basket Organizer

This metal wire basket is perfect for anyone looking to stay extra organized, thanks to the handy chalkboards that allow you to label each bin. The three-piece hanging rack can be mounted vertically on a pantry door, or the baskets can be hung individually. Either way, each bin is designed to hold up to 25 pounds. 

To buy: $40 at amazon.com

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Set of 3 Macrame Hanging Fruit Baskets

These super streamlined macrame sleeves are perfect for hanging things like garlic, onions, lemons and apples vertically. Made from durable cotton, they won't bruise softer produce and conveniently add space and a natural style to any kitchen. This set comes with three sleeves: two small and one large.

To buy: $21 (originally $23) at amazon.com

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AerWo 3-Tier Hanging Fruit Basket

This super-soft hanging set is great for storing the more delicate items in your home, like pears and peaches. Made from 100% cotton, each basket is deep enough to prevent anything from spilling out, and it comes with a durable knotted loop for easy hanging. Keep in mind that unlike some of the other hanging baskets on this list, this unit can only accommodate up to 15 pounds of produce. 

To buy: $25 at amazon.com