The Best Hanging Fruit Baskets to Keep Your Produce Organized

From hammocks to multi-tier models (like our winner, the X-Cosrack), we found a vessel for every type of fruit lover.

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2-Tier Fruit Vegetable Basket Bowl With Banana Hanger

Kitchen organization can often be more aspirational than realistic. While we'd love to have sprawling, color-coordinated pantries, that's far easier said than done. Sometimes, one purchase can open up a world of possibilities, even if it's just more counter space. We're speaking, of course, of a hanging fruit basket. Although not a kitchen necessity, these handy vessels store your fruit beautifully and free up precious countertop square footage. And don't worry if your kitchen lacks a tall ceiling — hanging fruit baskets can also be affixed to a wall or even strung hammock style underneath a cabinet.

As for which basket is the perfect one for you, it depends on your taste, favorite fruits, and budget. We've already done the hard work of narrowing it down to seven winning choices. Read on to discover why we picked the X-Cosrack Metal Wire Basket as our overall winner, plus details on other top hanging basket models ranging from splurge-worthy to high-design.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: X-cosrack Metal Wire Basket

Hanging Fruit Baskets
Courtesy of Amazon

Pros: This sturdy, multi-tier basket system keeps your fruit organized with handy labels.

Cons: Its deep baskets mean that this isn't the best choice for installing in narrow passages.

The goal of any fruit basket is to provide space to store your fruit, ideally attractively. But what we love about this durable iron version is how easy it makes it to organize your produce. The three-tiered design allows you to separate fruit according to type, color, or even ripeness, while the included chalkboards allow you to classify your goods even further. Do you have kids fighting over apples after school? Give everyone their own bin and write their name on it. Are you saving onions for dinner and don't want anyone to use them for a breakfast omelet? Stick them in a bin and write "Do not touch!"

Aside from its organizational use, we also love this basket's bins for the slanted, wide-mouth openings. The sturdy iron construction allows each container to hold 25 pounds, and you can separate the bins for use individually or stack all three together.

  • Size: 32 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Material: iron
  • Weight: 8 pounds

Best Value: Island RM Macrame Hanging Bag

Hanging Fruit Baskets
Courtesy of Etsy

Pros: This affordable fruit sleeve is ideal for storing garlic or citrus fruits attractively.

Cons: Its small size means it's not suitable for larger or bulkier fruits and veggies.

If you're especially short on space, a fruit sleeve instead of a basket is an excellent way to store round fruits and vegetables. You can even buy multiple sleeves to separate your produce by type (we think these are especially handy near your bar area for storing limes and lemons).

We love this version from Etsy seller Island RM because it's made of natural cotton rope (or hemp, if you prefer) that can roll up relatively small when not in use. Its slim design also means it can hang almost anywhere in your kitchen. At an affordable price, it's easy on your wallet as well.

  • Size: 18 inches long
  • Material: cotton rope

Best Splurge: Cora White and Wood 2-Tier Fruit Basket

white and wood fruit basket
Crate & Barrel

Pros: If you're looking for a fruit basket that's as much a decor piece as storage, grab this piece.

Cons: It does take up some counterspace, and the wood or marble base will need to be wiped clean.

If your design style calls for wood or marble accents, then this basket with clean lines is probably calling your name. The hand-welded iron and wood (or marble, for the copper and black versions) is not one to be relegated to a pantry but deserves a prominent spot in your kitchen. The two-tiered option is a happy medium but it's also available in a three-tier design, as well as a single tier with a banana hook for convenience.

  • Size: 12.5 x 12.5 x 17.75 inches
  • Material: Iron and wood

Best for Design Lovers: Anthropologie Hanging Loretta Basket

Hanging Fruit Baskets
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Pros: We love this unique demilune shape that makes your fruit the star of your kitchen.

Cons: The storage area isn't as large as more bin-shaped models.

While this piece from Anthropologie may not store as much as a multi-tiered design, you would be hard-pressed to find a more striking option. Made out of a handmade wire frame, this circular piece looks delicate but can still hold a bevy of grapefruits, bananas, and apples. We recommend placing this piece somewhere where everyone can admire it (and have easy access to a snack or two). If you adore this design, you can also pick up the accompanying basket.

  • Size: 13-inch diameter
  • Material: iron

Best Multi-Tier: Birdie Design Company Cotton Rope Hanging Fruit Basket

Hanging Fruit Baskets
Courtesy of Etsy

Pros: This charming three-tiered basket keeps your kitchen organized with just a touch of boho-chic style.

Cons: Because each basket is a different size, the smallest – with a six-inch diameter – does not hold many pieces of fruit.

As you probably know, Etsy is an excellent place to find unique items for your kitchen. And if you're looking for a hanging fruit basket with a handmade feel, we love this three-tiered model from seller Birdie Design Company. The cream-colored macrame material is complemented by black zigzag stitching on the bottom of each basket, lending it just a touch of boho aesthetic. And with three baskets of different diameters, it's easy to sort your produce by size (and you can also adjust the space between each basket easily). Plus, while its looks might belie its strength, this basket system can actually hold up to 50 pounds. Feel free to load up on the pineapples.

  • Size: 30 inches tall with baskets with 6-, 8-, and 10-inch diameters all 2 inches deep.
  • Material: cotton rope

Best Hammock-Style: Uncommon Goods Macrame Fruit Hammock

Hanging Fruit Baskets
Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Pros: If you're short on wall space, this adorable version hangs easily from the bottom side of a cabinet.

Cons: Its small size means it only holds a few pieces of fruit.

We'll say it: we love a banana hammock (ahem, not that kind). After all, there's not much cuter than a teensy resting spot for your bunch of fruit. Our favorite version comes courtesy of purveyor of quirky home items Uncommon Goods, and is hand-made by designer Lesli Lenover. Made out of cotton rope, wooden dowels, and brass hooks, the hammock is easy to assemble under any cabinet. While it won't fit a whole fruit salad's worth of produce, it's big enough to accommodate your essential pieces.

  • Size: 12 x 5 1.5 inches
  • Material: cotton rope

Best Set: Makbush Designs Jute Hanging Wall Baskets

Hanging Fruit Baskets
Courtesy of Etsy

Pros: This chic set of three hanging baskets coordinates with any kitchen design.

Cons: The tightly woven jute means you won't be able to see what's in the bottom of the basket.

If you have a lot of wall space to fill, consider purchasing a set of three or four of these handmade jute baskets from Etsy seller Makbush Designs. You can order multiples of the same size or purchase different sizes for an attractive way to sort your produce. The tightly woven jute is not only an eye-catching material, but it's also a natural fiber and a fantastic eco-friendly choice. And, with a woven loop handle, it's easy to attach these baskets to hooks like doorknobs or cabinet pulls, if need be.

  • Size: From 7 x 5.5 inches
  • Material: jute

Best Wooden: Urban Outfitters Ria Tiered Hanging Basket

Hanging Fruit Baskets
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Pros: This style-forward, three-tiered model affixes to the wall securely, thanks to a bar mount.

Cons: The shallow depth of each basket means this style is not made for larger fruits like a bunch of bananas.

Coastal grandma-style is, apparently, the next big thing in design. But if this streamlined basket is any indication, we're all in. While this three-tiered model would look great in any Nancy Meyers movie, it's design-forward enough to be fantastic in a kitchen of someone who is still several decades away from grandma territory. We also love that the curved rattan lends this piece a bit of Art Deco appeal, while the three sizes of baskets keep your smaller fruits well-organized. And, at over two feet tall, this piece can also double as a piece of decor itself.

  • Size: 13 x 7 x 25 inches
  • Material: rattan and cotton

Best for Bananas: Prep & Savour Fruit Bowl with Banana Hanger

Hanging Fruit Baskets
Courtesy of Wayfair

Pros: A clever hook allows bananas to hang while ripening (and therefore cuts down on bruising).

Cons: The bananas do hang on a hook, but this is not technically a wall-mounted or ceiling-hung basket.

While this model isn't a true hanging basket like others on our list, it's the only one where bananas have their own dedicated hanging hook, so we're making an exception. Plus, at less than a foot wide, this double-tiered basket won't gobble up a ton of counter space. Aside from the banana hanger (which cuts down on the fruit bruising from being squashed), we also love the simple, two-tiered design which makes it easy to organize fruit by size. And the open-weave iron construction also means air can circulate easily around your fruit, which helps prevent too-speedy ripening.

  • Size: 11 x 11 x 15 inches
  • Material: iron


For a durable hanging fruit basket that will complement almost any type of kitchen and keep you organized, we recommend the X-cosrack Metal Wire Basket. If you're looking for something with a bit more flair, we love the dramatic proportions of Anthropologie's Hanging Loretta Basket.

Factors to Consider

Wall space

Stop us if you've heard this one: you find the perfect item for your kitchen, you order it without measuring, it arrives, and it's way too big to fit. It may seem like a no-brainer, but remember to measure your ceiling height or wall before ordering a hanging fruit basket. You want to make sure you have enough room to hang it easily.


Most hanging fruit baskets will come in either metal or woven material. While both varieties can be durable, cloth models will be less rigid and possibly more porous, depending on the weave. If you're storing many small citrus fruits, for example, you may want to opt for metal, so nothing falls through the holes of an open-weave cloth model. But ultimately, most baskets can accommodate all types of produce, so it comes down to your aesthetic.

Storage capacity

In addition to measuring your kitchen space, you'll need to double-check dimensions. If you're often storing bananas, you should look for a model with deeper baskets so nothing topples out. If you're planning on storing copious amounts of fruit, make sure the basket is roomy and pliable.

The Research

We scoured the internet and polled interior designers, chefs, and our editors to develop this list of the best hanging fruit baskets. Our winners may vary in design, but all are durable, stylish, and keep your produce organized.

Our Expertise

Food & Wine contributor Juliet Izon is a lifestyle journalist who also writes culinary-focused articles for publications like Saveur, Bon Appetit, Zagat, and Serious Eats. She is a seasoned commerce writer, having researched and tested products for outlets like Conde Nast Traveler, AFAR, The Wall Street Journal, Domino, and Good Housekeeping. Her favorite fruit is an Asian pear.

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