Great Jones Tea Towels

Great Jones' New Tea Towel Series Is the Pop of Color This Winter Needs

Add these towels to your cleaning repertoire while the stock lasts.
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Slung over an oven door or dangling from a microwave handle, tea towels are one of the most noticeable items in any kitchen––and one of the most frequently used. As both a necessity and a decoration, we like our towels to speak to our interests as well as serve their useful pot-holding and cleaning purposes. We're thrilled to learn that Great Jones has teamed up with creatives who love to cook with four limited-edition tea towel collections in 2021.

The first drop of the Party Towel? A plaid set from New York-based fashion designer Rosie Assoulin sure to make you crack a smile even when you're throwing together a weeknight dinner stir-fry for the umpteenth time. The playful colors fit well with Great Jones's classic hues, including their latest bakeware.

"Rosie is an avid home cook, so she definitely shares our values there," says Great Jones co-founder Sierra Tishgart. "Her brand is known for its sense of color, exuberance, and joy that overlaps with our celebration of color." Tishgart believes that tea towels are a perfect way to express personality in the kitchen, which is, after all, what Great Jones is known for through its eye-catching Dutchess oven in colors like Marinara and Broccoli, and bright blue baking sheets.

While aesthetics are obviously at the center of the collaboration, functionality was a major concern. "This is a large tea towel, almost comically large," Tishgart says, laughing. "I've been putting my Dutch oven on the table on it. It's not a trivet, but I've kind of been using it as a big place setting." 

My personal requirements for tea towels are as follows: The ideal towel won't stay slightly damp an hour after I've dried my hands on it, it doesn't wrinkle super easily, and it's easy to clean. Oh, and it should look cute. After using the Party Towel during a busy weekend in the kitchen (dumplings were made from scratch! Bread was baked!) I'm pleased to say she passed with flying, stylish colors.

The set is available in two colorways, and the blue border is a nod to the signature blueberry of Great Jones' holy sheet and Dutch oven. "We really let her run with the towel as a canvas," Tishgart says. "We wanted to be able to take her prints and make them an everyday item that still feels special."

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Credit: Great Jones

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