Great Jones Bakeware
Credit: Noah Fecks

Home Bakers Will Love Great Jones's Latest Line—Here's Why

The cookware brand just launched a whole new set of baking essentials.
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This year, the holidays will feel inherently different. Although you might not be able to travel for your grandmother's famous pumpkin pie or gather with friends for a cookie swap, you can still conjure the holiday spirit by baking your favorite winter dishes at home. And what better way to bring on the festive cheer than by treating yourself (or your loved ones) to some new bakeware? The design-forward cookware brand Great Jones just launched a new line of baking essentials, and whether you go for the "Fully Baked" set or shop a la carte, the eye-popping products—with their fun, retro flair—are perfect for all of your holiday baking endeavors. 

The new products include ceramic pie plates and casserole dishes, aluminized steel cake pans and loaf pans, and a new color (Broccoli!) of the aluminized steel "Holy Sheet" sheet pan. The casserole pan, or Hot Dish, is what Great Jones co-founder Sierra Tishgart calls "a modern take on a classic." I love the oversize handles, which you'll also find on Great Jones' Dutch oven, The Dutchess. Although you still need oven mitts to handle the handles, they make quick, easy work of putting the pan into—and taking the pan out of—the oven.

Great Jones Bakeware
Credit: Noah Fecks

Breadwinner Loaf Pan, Set of 2, $65 at

The Hot Dish can be used for everything from fudgy brownies to lasagna (check out Chicago chef Sarah Grueneberg's turkey and butternut squash rendition from our November 2020 issue). Plus, once all of your cooking and baking is done, you can use the Hot Dish as a serving centerpiece for salad, roasted vegetables, or even a giant pile of cookies. 

Great Jones considered using glass instead of ceramic for the Hot Dish and the Sweetie Pie pie plate but ultimately found that ceramic gives a much more even bake. An added benefit of ceramic is that it can go under the broiler, while a glass pan might crack under the pressure of the heat. I highly recommend charring the 'mallows on your s'mores pie or broiling the top of your pan mac n cheese for a little extra oomph.

Great Jones Bakeware
Credit: Noah Fecks

Sweetie Pie Cake Dish, $45 at

One of the best things about Great Jones' new bakeware is just how beautiful everything is. The rich forest green, cobalt blue, and mustard yellow turn industrial kitchen tools into pieces of kitchen decor that you won't want to shove inside of a cabinet. They make great gifts, too, especially the Breadwinner loaf pans and Patty Cake cake pans, which come two in a set. Keep one for yourself and give the other to a loved one, complete with a loaf of freshly-baked banana bread.

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