I Use This Squeezable Olive Oil on Everything from Pasta to Ice Cream—and It's Finally Back in Stock

Who said quality olive oil had to come in glass bottles?

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Graza Olive Oil
Photo: Graza

I dream of an open, airy kitchen lined with decorative olive oil dispensers—but in reality, years of professional cooking have turned my home kitchen into a more streamlined space. Despite my predilection for fancy bottles, the minute I bring a new bottle of olive oil home, my inner-line-cook takes over and immediately transfers that liquid gold into a dull plastic squeeze bottle. Efficiency has been drilled into me since culinary school, and the fact remains that squeeze bottles make drizzling oil cleaner, faster, and easier.

That's why when I heard about a single-origin Spanish olive oil brand that promised high-quality olive oil straight from a squeeze bottle, I knew I needed to give it a try. Graza sent me a variety pack this month to test out, and I was thoroughly impressed. I wasn't the only one who liked them—Graza's oils sold out just 24 hours after they launched on January 11.

Grazza "Sizzle" Extra Virgin Olive Oil Duo Pack
Courtesy of Grazza

To buy: Drizzle and Sizzle Variety Pack, $35 at Graza.co

It's a widely-held belief that glass bottles are essential for the proper storage of high-quality olive oil. Just like wine bottles, dark-colored olive oil bottles help protect the oil from exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays. So I'll admit I was a little dubious the first time I cooked with Graza.

However, I was immediately won over when I tasted the product. Graza's oil is bold and bursting with freshness and grassy flavor. The oil is silky and bright with a complexity that is indicative of high-quality oils. As it turns out, Graza's strategy for bottling the oils is even better than most glass bottles—the opaque design doesn't let any light in at all and the adjustable cap means you never have to take it off, which prevents oxygen from getting in and causing it to spoil.

I love that the oils come in two flavor options: "Sizzle" and "Drizzle." Sizzle is meant for cooking, and is made using olives that are more mature, meaning they have a more mild flavor. This option is perfect for everyday tasks like sauteing vegetables or searing chicken. Alternatively, Drizzle is a finishing oil that is made from olives that are picked before the fruit fully ripens, when the flavor is at its boldest point. This oil boasts a grassy flavor and dark green color, and it's meant to be tasted and appreciated.

At $35 for a variety pack, these oils are a steal. They're surprisingly affordable compared to competitors, which is why I don't feel guilty when I enthusiastically squeeze Graza on everything from salads to popcorn to ice cream. If you're looking to get your hands on a bottle of single-origin, high-quality olive oil, you're in luck: Graza just restocked both Sizzle and Drizzle on its site. But hurry and add them to your cart, they're sure to sell out again.

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