This Portable Pizza Oven Is the Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen Needs

There’s more than just grills and smokers.

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gozny roccbox pizza oven
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I'm a big cheeseburger gal. I love biting into a crispy, juicy burger, and I welcome the opportunity to enjoy melted cheese, ketchup, and mayo with every bite. However, this summer there's a new gadget in my backyard, and my trusty charcoal grill has been pushed off to the sidelines. I've swapped cheeseburgers for homemade pizza as my meal of choice, thanks to the Roccbox by Gozney Portable Pizza Oven that's taken up residency on my patio. It churns out restaurant-quality homemade pizzas and I just can't quit it. Here's why you should grab one for yourself.

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I'm sure my husband is tired of my unremitting weekly request for backyard pizza, but the Roccbox by Gozney makes it so easy to make pizza at home. The small, portable and easy to manage oven can turn amateurs into pizzaiolos. It outshines most homemade pizza methods with near-perfect texture by reaching temperatures of over 900 degrees. The resulting dough is thin and crispy on the outside while dense and pillowy on the inside, a feat that is notoriously lacking from the usual pizza stone in the oven. The stone floor lends itself to high heat, and the rolling flame ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven. In fact, the heat distribution is almost too efficient. To prevent my pizzas from getting too charred, I like to let the oven heat up then lower the temperature slightly depending on the size of my pie.

Though powered by a standard gas burner, ambitious users have the option to buy a detachable wood burner for an even more authentic experience. The retractable legs and detachable burners make it easy to pack up and transport, and the compact design makes it even more portable. Unlike other metallic ovens, it's thoughtfully-designed silicone outer body reduces the risk of burns.

Did I mention it only takes a minute or two to cook through? Just preheat the oven, stretch and form the dough, pile it with toppings and use the professional-grade pizza peel to slide it to the back. Don't push it too far–you'll want to turn the pie after a few seconds to make sure each side hits the hotspots ( there are certain spots towards the back that get more heat than others.) Within minutes you'll have a crispy pizza that's simultaneously charred and tender.

My personal tip? If you're able to, buy the dough from a local pizzeria. Making pizza dough from scratch every time you want to use this thing isn't feasible, and if you're like me, you're going to use it a lot.

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