We don't have dragons to roast our racks of lamb, but these kitchen and dining tools are the next best thing.

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The last season of Game of Thrones is nigh, and the stakes are higher than ever. If you're already prepared with wines to pair with each house, the latest Ommegang on-theme beer offerings, and Oreo cookies with each house insignia, then all that's left is what to serve them with. We've consulted the trusted maesters of Amazon to pool together an extensive list of Westeros-inspired kitchen gadgets and accessories. Use these to eat, drink, chop, cook and anything that doesn't resemble a Red Wedding.

Copper stein
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Cutting Board

Cutting board
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

You can never have too many cutting boards (right?). This one will stand the test of time, and likely fare better than House Stark has so far.
Walnut Wood Cutting Board, $50 at amazon.com

Viking Mug

Viking drinking horn mug
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Drink like a Greyjoy pirate king with this tankard and shot glass set.
Viking Drinking Horn Mug, $34 at amazon.com

Jaime's Oven Mitt

House Lannister silicone glove
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Jaime may be without his sword-wielding hand but you can still protect yours with this silicone version.
Lannister Golden Hand Silicone Glove, $22 at amazon.com

Bottle Opener

Hand of the King bottle opener
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Crack open a beer and pop the Hand of the King on your shirt pocket. The debts can be paid tomorrow.
Hand Of The King Bottle Opener 2-Pack, $12 at amazon.com

Door Stop

Hodor door jam
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

The door jam that was promised will hold it down even when things fall apart for your favorite character.
Hodor Door Stop, $18 at amazon.com

A Feast of Ice and Fire

A Feast of Ice and Fire
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Get the cookbook endorsed by George R.R. Martin himself. In the author's words, "split a lemon cake with Sansa Stark, scarf down a pork pie with the Night’s Watch, or indulge in honeyfingers with Daenerys Targaryen."
A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook, $24 at amazon.com


Coaster set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Represent your favorite house while protecting your favorite coffee table with these cork-baked coasters.
Game of Thrones Drink Coaster Set with Holder, $25 at amazon.com


Dragon egg candles
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Set the mood for your GOT screening with some dragon eggs of your own.
Game of Thrones Sculpted Dragon Egg Candles, Set of 3, $30 at amazon.com

Copper Mug

Copper stein
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

A perfect vessel for a Moscow Mule or any great chilled cocktail, also in Targaryen and Tyrion versions.
Game of Thrones Collectible Copper Stein, $21 at amazon.com

Shot Glasses

House sigil shot glass set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Cheers to the surviving characters of each house with these shot glasses with sigils.
Game of Thrones House Sigil Shot Glass Set, $30 at amazon.com

Whiskey Glass

Whiskey glass and whiskey stones
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Tyrion would be proud to have this many rocks glasses made in his name. This one comes with whiskey stones as well.
I Drink and I Know Things Whiskey Glass, $24 at amazon.com

Grocery Tote

Dire wolf canvas bag
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

You'll probably need a tote bag (or two) to carry all the wine you need to get through this last season.
Game of Thrones Wedding Tote, $20 at amazon.com