This Simple Device Will Solve Your Biggest AeroPress Annoyance

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aeropress attachment
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If you use an AeroPress to make your morning coffee, then you probably know that it requires precision and can even get messy at times. Luckily, the customer-loved coffee gear brand Fellow makes an AeroPress attachment that simplifies this method of brewing. For just $25, you can add the accessory onto your Aeropress and you'll be able to bypass the inversion process, thus avoiding leaks and spills. After all, who wouldn't want to make their brewing process easier and mess-free?

The Fellow Prismo AeroPress Attachment is a pressure actuated valve that allows for a buildup of pressure in the coffee maker, resulting in the ultimate espresso-style coffee. To use it, just twist the device onto your AeroPress, place it over your coffee cup of choice, add your coffee grounds and hot water, and press down the plunger. You can even create iced coffee, tea, Americanos, or that luxurious crema that espresso is known for with the attachment Plus, the no-drip seal allows for a mess-free brewing process. It also comes with a reusable metal filter, eliminating the need for single-use paper filters.

Aeropress attachment
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Amazon shoppers rave about the coffee maker accessory, and have given it over 1,600 five-star ratings. "If you have an AeroPress, then you need this adapter," one reviewer wrote. "It makes a GREAT cup of coffee. It also eliminates the 'spray' out of the sides of the press the normal head has at times."

Another shopper emphasized just how convenient the accessory is. "No more turning the AeroPress upside down to add coffee and water, no more leakage. The Prismo attachment is just what I needed," they wrote. If you're looking for a new way to use your AeroPress coffee maker, you're going to want to check out the Fellow Prismo attachment at Amazon. And for more information on how to use an AeroPress, check out this former barista's review of the brewer.

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