Pros and Home Cooks Swear by These Leakproof Springform Pans for Perfect Cheesecakes, and They're Under $20 at Amazon

It's all in the design.

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Fat Daddio's Springform Cake Pan
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

A springform pan is essential for baking a flawless cheesecake. But it can be hard to find a dessert pan with a releasing mechanism that doesn't leak.

Thankfully, bestselling cookbook author Nik Sharma shared his secret to nailing a perfectly creamy Basque cheesecake without spilling a drop of batter. He reaches for Fat Daddio's springform cake pan to bake many of his favorite desserts because of its leakproof design. The most exciting part? It's under $20 at Amazon.

Fat Daddio's Springform Cake Pan
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Fat Daddio's 8-by-3-Inch Springform Cake Pan, $17 (originally $19) at

"I love this pan because of how well it works and its durability," Sharma told Food & Wine. "The locking mechanism is solid and nothing has ever leaked from the sides. In addition, the taller walls of the pan give me a bit more room to play around with desserts, especially when I need to layer them."

The springform pan comes in five sizes, from a extra-large 11-by-3-inch option to a 6-by-3-inch pan that's small enough to fit in an Instant Pot. They're all made from restaurant-grade anodized aluminum that's strong and durable. The silver material reflects heat instead of absorbing it to quickly reach high temperatures, giving you a more even rise. On the flip side, the outer coating cools swiftly once it's out of the oven, so your cheesecake won't overbake.

Like all springform pans, it has two main parts — a bottom base and an outer ring that locks into place. While most base designs have a raised lip, Fat Daddio's features a wider, removable bottom with a lower inverted lip. This raises the base to prevent any leaking, which one Amazon shopper said helps cheesecake "slide right off onto another plate for easy cutting."

In fact, the Fat Daddio springform pan has hundreds of perfect ratings at Amazon. "The spring is heavy-duty, and the plate on the bottom makes the pan much more sturdy than other pans, allowing it to sit evenly in the oven," said a reviewer who also confirmed that it is leakproof and cleans up easily. Another baking enthusiast who used it to make an ice cream cheesecake noted that it also transfers from oven to freezer "very well" and "had no trouble with the springform locking up."

That's not all this nonstick baking pan can do. "I bought this springform pan for deep dish pizza, [and] the pizza released perfectly from the pan," a customer said. You can also use it for baking savory tarts, quiches, and, as Sharma recommends, layering tall deserts.

Fat Daddio springform pans cost as little as $15 at Amazon. If you're looking for perfect cheesecakes (and other savory baked goods), it's a worthwhile investment.

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