This Versatile $11 Meat Masher Is Amazon's Bestselling Potato Masher — and Shoppers 'Can't Live Without It'

“Really cuts down on my cooking time”

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Farberware Pro Meat Masher
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

Whether it's guacamole, mashed potatoes, or ground proteins — coarsely mashed foods are delicious in their own right. And while a trusty fork can help you achieve the right texture, you'll also spend more time and effort smashing away to no avail. This is why you should pick up this bestselling meat masher from Farberware, which Amazon shoppers say cuts down cooking time, and it costs only $11.

The Farberware 10-Inch Meat Masher is a versatile kitchen tool you never thought you needed. It's Amazon's bestselling potato masher, with a comfortable handle, plastic body and five angled pinwheel blades that penetrate, scrape, and stir everything from ground beef to thick cake batters. Its durable heat-resistant design can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it safe for use on hot pans and on coated cookware. And since it measures just 11-inches high, it won't take up too much space in your utensil drawer.

Farberware Pro Meat Masher
Courtesy of Amazon

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With over 38,000 glowing ratings, the Farberware 10-Inch Meat Masher has some serious fans. Shoppers write they "can't live without it" using it for tasks like flaking fish, mincing bread, and making meatloaf. "Really cuts down on my cooking time," writes this satisfied shopper, who used it for chopping ground beef and sausage. They added that it's sturdy and cleans well up in the dishwasher, so you won't have to spend time scrubbing over the sink.

When it comes to mincing meat, this gadget hits all the marks. It makes "minced meat in seconds way faster than a spatula," confirms another shopper.

For only $11, the Farberware Meat Masher is a sturdy kitchen utensil you'll pick up time and time again in the coming months. It's perfect for streamlining mashed potatoes for upcoming holiday get-togethers, producing quick dips, and shredding proteins for recipes. Head to Amazon to grab it and try it out for yourself.

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