Culinary Pros Say Salt Cellars Are the Easiest Way to Streamline Seasoning, and This One Is Only $8

“You have more control over how much salt you’re actually adding to your food.”

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Estilo 100% Natural Bamboo Salt and Spice Box with Lid Set
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When taking stock of must-have kitchen tools, there's one essential that's often overlooked. It's not another cast iron pan, set of oven mitts, or glass baking dishes—it's a salt cellar, like this bamboo container that more than 3,700 shoppers on Amazon "absolutely love."

Professionals know how important a humble salt cellar can be. Laura Denby, a former chef who currently writes food product reviews for Food & Wine, said it is one of the easiest ways to increase kitchen efficiency at home.

"I keep one near the stove so I can quickly and easily grab salt without having to take a salt shaker in and out of the cabinet," she said. "In addition to how easily accessible they are, salt cellars also allow you to season your food with more accuracy. By picking up a pinch of salt with your fingertips, rather than shaking it from a shaker, you have more control over how much salt you are actually adding to your food."

Salt Cellar sale
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To buy: Estilo Bamboo Salt Cellar, from $8 at

The Estilo Bamboo Salt Cellar is made out of strong bamboo wood and measures 3.5 inches in diameter and 2.7 inches high. It has a magnet on the top rim as well as on the underside of its rotating lid to create a tight seal when closed. This secure design not only keeps debris from getting into your salt, but also prevents moisture in the air of your kitchen from causing it to clump up.

The brand offers single cellars for $8 and sets of two for $10. With multiple containers, you can also keep pepper, garlic powder, dried oregano, crushed red pepper flakes, or any other spice close by. Shoppers agree that having these cellars right next to their stovetops has benefitted their cooking, and one mentioned that they're "beautiful on the counter," too.

"[The lid] is of excellent construction, as is the rest of the container," a second added before noting that the cellars feel "very solid" and have a "very elegant appearance."

Add a stylish way (or two) to season your food by ordering the Estilo Bamboo Salt Cellar from Amazon today.

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