Here's what the Maison Kayser founder can't live without.

matcha powder
Credit: © grafvision / Getty Images

Eric Kayser, master baker and founder of Maison Kayser, spends much of his time traveling to his bakeries in Tokyo, New York and London. When he's back home in Paris, he aims for simplicity in his home kitchen. He shared his five kitchen essentials when he stopped by the F&W Test Kitchen this week to make his pain d'epi and a buckwheat & sesame boule.

The pan he can't live without:

Kayser loves his nonstick pan, which he uses to prepare his favorite egg dish. "I love to cook sunny side eggs in my Teflon pan with just a little bit of water," he says. "It's a technique that I learned in Japan. I bought the pan while I was there and since I brought it back to France, it has been my favorite."

The cookbooks he values most:

In homage to his French roots, Kayser always looks to two of his fellow countrymen for inspiration. "My favorite cookbooks are Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin Cookbook and Pierre Gagnaire's Reinventing French Cuisine," he explains. "These cookbooks are very good and have been great resources for me for many years."

The most important utensil in his kitchen:

As a baker, Kayser loves to use his hands in the kitchen. However, when his hands aren't an option, he always reaches for the same tool. "My spatula is very important to me," he says. "If I'm not using my hands directly to mix or scrape, I love to use the spatula as an extension of myself."

The kitchen gift he cherishes most:

"I received a very old tea pot from an elderly man in Japan, who is now deceased," he explains. "He told me very seriously to take care of it for him and now it can be seen at all times in my home kitchen. While he was not part of my family, having this teapot makes me feel like he was."

The one item he always has in his pantry:

For Kayser, two pantry staples rise above the rest. "I always have turmeric and Matcha available at home," he says. "I love to use them for their taste, flavor and especially their color."