Thousands of Shoppers Love This $40 Four-Slice Toaster That Toasts Everything 'to Perfection'

It’s wide enough for bagels and Texas toast, too.

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Buying a quality toaster that will look nice on your countertop is often a big ask. Finding a four-slice version that does it all might seem downright impossible. Luckily thousands of Amazon shoppers have discovered the Elite Gourmet Long Toaster, and many of them are such big fans they're calling it the "best toaster ever."

The sleek stainless steel appliance has six adjustable toasting levels so you can find your perfect shade of toast every single time. Along with self-centering guides that grip your bread and ensure each slice is in position for even toasting, the long toaster also has a drop-down crumb tray for easy cleanup.

The popular toaster also has a handy reheat option that will warm up cold toast without burning it, a defroster function that will defrost and toast frozen bread or waffles with the touch of a button, and a pop-up warming rack at the top that reviewers say is great if you want to toast "one side of sandwich rolls."

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Not only is it long enough to fit four slices of bread at a time, but the toaster's slots are also wide enough to toast larger items like bagels and Texas toast with ease. "Whatever you need toasted it fits," wrote another. "I like rye, dark pumpernickel, and sourdough but they come in a wide loaf that would not fit in my small toaster. With the Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Maxi-Matic it's not a problem. Bagels, English muffins, Eggo waffles, everything fits, and is toasted to perfection."

"This is the best toaster I have ever bought," said one shopper. "It toasts perfectly on both sides and I love the pop up function. I've had toasters that didn't toast on both sides and had to fish the bread out since it didn't pop up far enough. I love the nice long slots, since you can toast artisan bread in it with ease."

And did we mention the four-slice toaster is actually affordable? You can add one to your kitchen for just $40. Join the thousands of other home chefs and shop the Elite Gourmet toaster here.

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