Want a cold one? He'll just bring one up for you from the hole in the yard.

Say goodbye to the long walks back to the fridge during a BBQ or the wet mess left by melting ice in your Rubbermaid. A team of Danes has created a way to keep your beer cool all year long that is convenient, stylish and totally green. The eCool is a contained, insulated compartment that you bury in your yard. It holds 24 cans of beer and all you have to do is pop the top, turn the crank and out pops a new brew. The eCool’s creators, four men from the tiny island of Mors off the northern coast of Denmark, claim that you can keep it installed all year long with no worries of damage to the eCool or frozen beer in the winter. If you haven’t gotten your dad a gift for Father’s Day yet, we recommend you get him one of these for every corner of the yard. They run 1,895 kroner ($346), which is a little pricey, but can you really put a price on an outdoor beer cellar?