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Calling All Cheese Board Lovers: This $10 Knife Slices, Spreads, and Serves With Ease

Even a self-proclaimed “cheesehead from Wisconsin” gave it a five-star review on Amazon.
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A deluxe cheese board is a creative and delicious way to enjoy a night in. All it takes is a beautiful base, a few varieties of cheese, some jam, a sprinkling of nuts, an assortment of dried or fresh fruit, and plenty of bread and crackers. However, one of the most important aspects of a seamless cheese board often goes overlooked—even though it can make or break your platter. That, of course, is the cheese knife. And if you're in the market for one of the best, head to Amazon to check out Dreamfarm's Knibble Lite nonstick cheese knife.

The under-the-radar brand has a host of useful and whimsically named kitchen gadgets available to shop on Amazon. Many of its best-sellers—including a self-cleaning garlic press with a peel ejector and a silicone spoon that doubles as a measuring cup—solve everyday kitchen woes, and this multipurpose cheese knife is one of its newest releases. 

Designed to slice, spread, and serve small bites, the knife truly does it all. It has a blade with ridges, which creates air pockets that prevent both hard and soft cheese from sticking to the plastic knife when slicing and spreading. The solid handle is easy to grip, allowing for better control, and a rounded tip keeps bread from tearing and makes it easy to scrape out every last bit of food from containers. Plus, there's a stainless steel fork tip on the end of the blade to effortlessly serve everything from charcuterie to olives without dirtying another utensil.

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The stainless steel fork and BPA-free plastic blade are designed to last. Dreamfarm promises they'll stay sharp and won't rust over time. In fact, you can even clean the knife in the dishwasher without a second thought.

Many Amazon shoppers have already left the new release positive reviews, including one self-proclaimed "cheesehead from Wisconsin" who gave it a five-star rating for its color, sharpness, and handy fork tip. Others say the knife is lightweight, cuts through cheese easily without sticking, and comes at a great value.

Order the do-it-all cheese knife for just $10 on Amazon to take your cheese board nights to the next level.