By Noah Kaufman
Updated February 04, 2015

Mason jars: With the twist of a metal band, they can instantly go from light fixture to cocktail shaker. The next natural step in mason domination is obviously the world of home appliances. Thanks to YouTube sensation Crazy Russian Hacker—perhaps best known for finding out what terrible things happen when you boil coke—you now have an easy way to mason up your blender.

In his video, he shows off six mason jar hacks, although most of them, like the mason jar soap dispenser, you can find at your local gentrified flea market. So skip ahead to 1:38, where he replaces his blender pitcher with a mason jar and easily uses it to make a breakfast smoothie. It does, as he says, eliminate the need to clean the blender. And we all know there are few more irritating items to clean than a blender. So go grab those extra mason jars you have sitting around the house (we know you bought a gross number on Etsy) and get blending.

Hopefully, you will clean and reuse.