If You're Not Cleaning Your Refrigerator Shelves, You Need to Buy These Liners

Be honest, when was the last time?

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dii fridge liners
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There are certain areas of my kitchen that I clean constantly: my countertops, my floors, my sink. Then there are the places I scrub every other month or so, like the oven or microwave. And then there's my fridge. Of course I toss expired food and drinks out regularly, but as for giving its shelves a deep clean? That only happens once in a blue moon.

I'm not proud of this. In fact, I'm resolved to do better with the help of these liners from Dii. They're not only absorbent and quick-drying, but Amazon shoppers can't stop raving about them. The simple shelf protectors have more than 2,000 five-star ratings, with users calling them a "must-have."

Made from a blend of 60% viscose and 40% polyester fabrics, the Dii liners easily soak up excess moisture from produce as well as spills from leaky jars and bottles. And unlike plastic or rubber versions, the extra padding keeps fruits and vegetables from bruising. What's more, they're durable enough to throw in the washing machine, then use again. Reviewers even say the liners have held up for several years.

Shoppers love the Dii liners for their reliability and simplicity, saying they've streamlined cleaning and transformed their fridges. One wrote, "It is so much easier to throw this in the wash than it is to scrub a sticky messy refrigerator shelf!"

Another added, "I have used these shelf liners and bin liners in my refrigerator for years. They are priceless if you do not like to spend your time removing your shelves and bins to keep them clean."

Each Dii fridge liner set comes with six 12-inch by 24-inch sheets. To fit in smaller drawers or shelves, simply cut the fabric to your desired size. They're conveniently designed with a helpful grid pattern on one side that reviewers say makes the liners easier to cut.

The fabric liners come in a dozen different colors and designs and cost as little as $14 for a set. That breaks down to just over $2 a sheet—meaning I truly have no excuse not to treat my fridge with some TLC. Shop your own below, or head here to find the perfect fit.

DII Fridge Liner Collection
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To buy: Dii Friege Liner Collection, $16 at amazon.com

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