You Can Install a Glass Rinser in Your Kitchen—Here's How

Cleaning glassware just got a lot more satisfying.

Delta Glass Rinser
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There are a few pieces of restaurant equipment that I covet for home use: a stupidly hot dishwasher with a one-minute cycle, a huge kitchen sink with a spray gun, a walk-in fridge, and industrial-grade ventilation. As a food magazine editor with a side hustle as a restaurant owner, I think about these things more than normal. On a deeply functional level, they make sense (who doesn't want to clean their dishes with all the power of a fire hose?!) but are also sadly impractical in a home.

This is why I'm so chuffed that the glass rinser has made its way from a commercial setting to the home kitchen. I have one at our café, where I've used it for years to rinse milk jugs and latte glasses quickly and efficiently.

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Delta Faucet Metal Glass Rinser

Delta Faucet Glass Rinser in Metal

By shooting a high-pressure jet of water up into any receptacle and circulating it, glass rinsers thoroughly eliminate any detritus stuck inside, making them an MVP for entertainers (glasses, vases, pitchers), mothers (baby bottles), and total wine nerds (like my husband, who insists on pairing each wine with a new glass over a multicourse dinner).

delta glass rinser

Sure, you can try to clean the inside with running water and a dishcloth, but this rinser can reach places your hand often can't—plus it's great for delicate glassware. Also, the whooshing sound it makes as it removes coffee scum, dregs of dried red wine, or veggie puree with ease is enormously satisfying.

This new version of a glass rinser by Delta can be retrofitted on most sinks and attached to either the hot or cold water line. It's unobtrusive with sleek, modern finishes like Champagne bronze or matte black, and while you may think this is just another kitchen gadget you don't need, you, too, will smugly recommend it to all your friends once you've given it a try. Trust me.

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