The Bestselling Mandolin Slice That Cuts, Slices, and Dices Is on Sale for $32—but Only Until Tonight

It has built-in blades that can deliver up to 30 different slices.

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DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer Tout
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon

One of the biggest and most time-consuming meal prep jobs is arguably the chopping, dicing, and slicing. Even if a recipe says it'll take you an hour to complete, just tack on 20 extra minutes if it requires any kind of veggie cutting. And while prep work is part of the cooking process, there are kitchen tools that'll save time (and effort), like this handy mandoline slicer from Dash that's ultra popular on Amazon and has a deep discount right now.

The Dash Safe Slice Mandoline is crafted with blades to slice vegetables, cut fruit, and julienne everything in between. The mandoline has designated knobs to choose between a julienne or matchstick cut as well as an easy-to-use dial to customize how thick a slice you'd prefer, up to 8 millimeters.

The next part is easy: Just put the food item into the chute, slightly guide it via the push accessory, and press the handle at the top to slice. The result? Perfectly cut slices in a matter of minutes that shoot right into its holding container — all without grabbing a knife.

DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer Tout
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Dash Safe Slice Mandoline, $32 (originally $40) at

While some food cutters require changing out the blade, this mandoline takes care of that. The versatile kitchen tool actually has the blades built into the compact device, and yet, you still have the option of up to 30 different kinds of cuts. That means you can make potato gratin, ratatouille, or apple pie in less time (and with beautifully cut produce).

Another plus is that practically anyone (even children) can use this due to its clever safety features and enclosed blade. In fact, several shoppers who also utilize the Dash mandoline daily also let their young kids cut with this while helping in the kitchen.

"This was a bit of a splurge for me since my last mandolin was much cheaper, but it was well worth it," wrote one reviewer. "I have two small kids and was nervous with them around that last one, as it had an exposed blade, but this one hides the blade away so that's fantastic."

And when you're done meal prepping, cleanup is a breeze. It comes with a brush to remove leftover particles and the mandoline has a collapsible design for neat storing in kitchen drawers or pantries.

The mandolin slicer is loved by tons of shoppers who use it while canning, making meatless dishes, and cooking yummy snacks. It's no wonder the device has earned more than 12,200 five-star ratings to date.

"Wow! Really lives up to its name. It slices or dices easily and safely," wrote a self-proclaimed klutz. "It whizzes through the veggies like crazy. I just push the chopper part up and down and it's all over!" A word of caution: "Be careful those blades are sharp."

One last fan who calls the Dash slicer the "best invention since sliced bread" said, "This could not be easier to use. It's a very fluid motion when you push the plunger, and you can go as fast or slow as you want." They also love the safety precautions, explaining, "[My] fingers never get close to the blade. I'm in love with this and will never buy any other type of slicer!"

Save time, energy, and possibly your fingers by getting the Dash mandoline slicer while it's on sale for $32.

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