This Summer's Turkey Shortage Could Impact Thanksgiving, but We Found In-Stock Birds You'll Want to Order Now

These sold out early last year.

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D'Artagnan Holiday Turkey Tout
Photo: Courtesy of D'Artagnan

We're only two weeks into October, but let's be honest, we're already thinking about Thanksgiving. As we start to prepare for our favorite feast of the year, we're glad we took advantage of some of the best cookware deals during Amazon's most recent sale so our homemade cranberry sauce, cornbread stuffing, and Brussels sprouts with bacon can truly shine.

The centerpiece, of course, will be a juicy, golden turkey — if we're lucky. Over the summer, there was a big turkey shortage thanks to a spell of bird flu, and that widespread decline in available birds has Thanksgiving hosts all over the world getting a big jump start on their ordering. Lucky for us, D'Artagnan, one of the best and most trusted meat purveyors, just restocked all of its turkeys so you can pre-order now and enjoy stress-free holiday meal prep later.

Organic Turkey
Courtesy of D'Artagnan

To buy: D'Artagnan Organic Turkey, From $76 at

Just this week, D'Artagnan's entire collection of turkeys and turkey products was refreshed, so everything from an organic bird, to a wild one, to a bone-in breast big enough to feed a crowd are now available. The turkeys range in size from 4 to 28 pounds, depending on the variety and cut you choose, and all of them are certified to be hormone- and antibiotic-free. Nearly all of the frozen options are already sold out, but the fresh birds that are guaranteed to be delivered between November 18 and 22 are in-stock and ready to be claimed. (Just a reminder, Thanksgiving is November 24 this year.)

Take a look below to select the bird that will grace your Thanksgiving table this year.

D'Artagnan Thanksgiving Turkeys

The purveyor's most popular turkey is the USDA-certified organic bird. Raised humanely free-range with access to the outdoors on a small, sustainable Midwest farm, these turkeys are non-GMO and fed an all-vegetarian diet.

Wild Turkey
Courtesy of D'Artagnan

To buy: D'Artagnan Wild Turkey, From $100 at

One shopper said the turkey is full of "really great flavor" and that it lacks the telltale artificial flavor associated with grocery store birds. Another added that, "quite simply, their turkey was moist, tender, and tasty" and that they "couldn't ask for more!" And a third shopper shared that, in 45 years of cooking Thanksgiving turkeys, this one was "by far the best turkey ever."

Order today to secure the perfect bird and delivery date. Then check one major item off that giant holiday to-do list.

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