Even Chefs Recommend This Stand Mixer That's a 'Flawless' Dupe for More Expensive Models

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Any home baker who's used a stand mixer is well aware of how invaluable the appliance is in the kitchen. The powerful device does the heavy lifting for you, whether it's quickly whisking egg whites into stiff peaks or kneading bread dough until it's luxuriously smooth. And while a much more affordable hand mixer will certainly do the trick for smaller projects, it's nowhere near as easy as flipping on a stand mixer and letting it do all the work for you.

While KitchenAid stand mixers have become one of the most popular electronic mixers of the bunch, home bakers don't necessarily need to invest in the pricey appliance if they want to own their own. A much more affordable option Amazon shoppers recommend is the Cusimax Stainless Steel Stand Mixer, which is on sale for just $125—less than half of what a KitchenAid generally sells for.

The Cusimax is constructed with a strong motor that can take on every baking project, from cakes and breads to cookies and muffins. Six speeds and a pulse function let you blend mixtures at both high and low accelerations, and the 6.5-quart stainless steel bowl is large enough to hold big batches of cookie dough, locking into place for safety and control. The mixer comes with three attachments, including a dough hook, flat beater, and wire whisk, along with a spouted pouring shield cover that prevents flour from flying all over the place.

Stand Mixer, CUSIMAX 6.5-QT Stainless Steel Mixer 6-Speeds Tilt-Head
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To buy: Cusimax Stainless Steel Stand Mixer, $125 with coupon (originally $209) at amazon.com

Over 2,600 Amazon shoppers have given the Cusimax stand mixer a five-star rating, with many reviewers mentioning it's an "outstanding mixer" that's "just as good as the expensive ones." Several customers also note how much they "love the lightness" of this model, since others are often quite heavy. Even a professional chef commented that they "recommend the Cusimax for beginners and seasoned cooks alike."

"I was looking at the KitchenAid mixers for the longest time but then stumbled upon these killer dupe mixers," one five-star reviewer says. "After comparing technical specs, the cost savings were a no-brainer. Been using it for two months, multiple times per week and it's flawless! Do not hesitate on this purchase. It's [a] great quality, powerful mixer, does not overheat, and has a shield so you don't get hit with flour bombs while mixing."

"I bought this mixer because I love to bake," another shopper shares. "I have used it so much, my coworkers love me! The attachments are easy to attach and clean. It is not overly noisy and it mixes well, even in the bottom and sides. It's not that expensive a brand, but it gets the job done!"

If you're looking to level up from a basic hand mixer, shop the Cusimax Stainless Steel Stand Mixer for just $125 on Amazon.

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