Amazon Shoppers Are Swapping Pricey Cookware for This Two-in-One Cast Iron Skillet That's Just $43

It has over 3,200 perfect ratings.

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Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet and Lid
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A sturdy cast iron skillet is a true workhorse in the kitchen, one that boasts nonstick properties and can easily be moved from the stovetop to the oven. So if your kitchen is currently missing out on the pleasures of a cast iron skillet, it's about time to add one to the collection.

A great one to start off with is the Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet Multicooker, which includes a deep pan as well as a matching lid that also doubles as a shallow griddle. Both skillets have great heat distribution and can grill, fry, bake, broil, braise, sauté, without the wear and tear that happens with traditional nonstick pans. Each skillet has been pre-seasoned, although many shoppers recommend seasoning it yourself with some neutral oil before using it for the first time.

The cast iron multicooker is compatible with most cooking surfaces, including induction cooktops and on top of a grill or campfire. When it needs to be cleaned, make sure to follow the cast iron cleaning guidelines, which includes hand washing it, fully drying it, and seasoning it with a light coating of oil before putting it away.

Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet + Lid - 2-In-1 Multi Cooker - Combo
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Buy It! Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet Multi Cooker, $43 with coupon (originally $60);

Over 3,200 Amazon shoppers have given the cast iron skillet a five-star rating, calling it an "all-purpose pan." One user wrote, "​​I honestly think this is all you need in your kitchen!" with another noting, "This was the perfect product and I would recommend it for anyone looking to try out cast iron cooking for the first time."

"I absolutely love this," one five-star reviewer shared. "It is so nice to have a skillet again like these because a lot of the recipes I learned as a child growing up with grandparents that lived through the Great Depression taught me the skillet is the best kitchen item you can possibly have. These do not let you down. I can clean them properly and they handle great." They added, "I love that the top portion of the skillet lays out on its own and you can cook with both of them."

"I bought an induction cooktop, but none of my stainless steel pans would work on an induction," another shopper said. "So I bought this unit to cook on the induction. However it has become my most used pans… either on my electric stove or the induction plate. The pans came well-seasoned." They added, "The only drawback is that they are heavy. But that's the nature of cast iron pans."

Head to Amazon and shop the Cuisinel Cast Iron Skillet Multi Cooker for just $43 while this deal lasts.

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