cuisinart crepe pan
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Amazon Shoppers Say You Can Use This Nonstick Crêpe Pan for Just About Anything—and It's 62% Off

It’s suitable for everything from crêpes and pancakes to naan and tortillas.
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If you've ever tasted a crêpe—whether it was during a trip to France or in the comfort of your home—it should come as no surprise that there's an art to crafting those perfectly flat pucks. While it certainly demands talent, there's another necessary condition involved: a devoted crêpe pan.

Making crêpes necessitates a wide, flat pan, one that ideally lacks heavily sloped sides. The Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick 10-Inch Crêpe Pan on Amazon is one that checks all the boxes—and right now, the price is slashed by a whopping 62%. The hard-anodized aluminum body is dense and durable, able to heat up quickly without warming up the handle, while the nonstick titanium interior makes cleaning it a breeze. A tapered, low rim not only eliminates drips while pouring but also allows you to easily flip crêpes and pancakes—without having to compete against high sides. Plus, the brand promises its nonstick surfaces are free of any toxins like PFOA and PFTE

Although the skillet has been designated as a crêpe pan, crêpes are hardly the only thing that can grace its surface. Its low sides make it ideal for flipping pancakes, preparing grilled cheeses, grilling taco shells, and making quesadillas. You can also use it like you would your traditional nonstick skillet, should you want to scramble eggs or sear burgers. 

To buy: Cuisinart Nonstick 10-Inch Crepe Pan, $19 (originally $50) at

Amazon shoppers can't stop gushing over the "versatile"  pan, which has earned over 7,000 five-star ratings and been called a "tiny kitchen workhorse." One even said,  "I have used a number of nonstick frying pans over the years, and this is the best so far."

"I didn't anticipate loving this pan as much as I do," a reviewer wrote. "I used it and voilà, c'était parfait! It was perfect! I was pretty disappointed with my last crêpe pan from Crate & Barrel and the ones I brought back from France ten years ago were getting pretty beat up. This was not just a great replacement, but a far superior replacement. I can't imagine you would be disappointed if you buy it!"

"I have a very expensive electric crêpe maker that works great, however, it's a space hog and I have to drag it out, set it up, and find counter space," another shared. "Sometimes I just want ease of use, and that's what the Cuisinart crêpe maker gives. This crêpe pan works great for crêpes, omelets, pancakes, tortillas, naan, chapati, pretty much any flat item you want. It's solidly constructed with no hot spots and it really is nonstick. An excellent choice for a crêpes and much more."

Whether you want to make crêpes at home or are looking for a new nonstick skillet at an incredible price, shop the Cuisinart 10-Inch Crêpe Pan for just $19 on Amazon.