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Cuisinart's Popular Bread Maker Is Now Less Than $100 Thanks to an Amazon Sale and a Secret Coupon

Home bakers say the machine produces ‘absolutely fantastic’ loaves.
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At the start of the pandemic, many sought out recipes to cook and bake at home—and one of the most popular baking bucket list items was bread. Bread-making is relatively simple, but it takes a lot of patience and practice. If you're new to the bread-making process or would just prefer a faster way to put homemade bread on the table, bread machines create bakery-worthy loaves while cutting the time and hassle. 

Amazon shoppers are particularly enamored by this bread maker by Cuisinart. Since the popular stainless steel appliance takes the effort out of making bread, it's no surprise that it has a 4.4-star rating and 1,300 positive reviews. It's 42% off right now, bringing the price down from $185 to $107, but when you click to add the Amazon coupon on the product page, you can bring it home for just $99.

The bread maker features 12 pre-programmed menu options that range from white, whole wheat, and French to gluten-free, artisan dough, and cakes, and more. After you add the ingredients, select your menu option, crust shade (from light to dark), and loaf weight (up to 2 pounds), and watch the appliance work its magic.

Cuisinart Bread Maker, Up To 2lb Loaf
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: $99 with coupon (originally $185);

It kneads, proofs, and bakes for you, but there's also a bake-only option if you prefer to do the heavy lifting yourself. And it periodically alerts you when the kneading paddle is ready for removal; when the dough is ready for additional mix-ins like fruits, vegetables, cheeses, or nuts; and when the loaf is ready. It even allows you to switch it to a warming setting for up to 60 minutes after it's done baking. What's more, it comes with a recipe book to get you started. 

Amazon shoppers love the Cuisinart bread maker because it creates mouth-watering loaves that might just replace your store-bought staples. "This is my very first bread maker, and I can not believe how easy it is to use it for home-made bread and jam," one shopper said. "I have not bought any bread from supermarkets since I got it."

"Purchased Cuisinart bread machine to replace a different model," a brand fan chimed in. "Have been more than elated with the fantastic results of gluten-free breads over the past few weeks."

"I just got this bread maker this weekend and attempted to make my first loaf of French bread. I followed the directions to a T. My bread came out absolutely fantastic," another reviewer said. "I was so proud of myself. It's really fun to watch the process and so easy. I will be making bread now every week. Extremely easy to clean too."

Freshly baked bread is just a click away, so grab the crowd-favorite appliance on Amazon for less than $100 while you can.