Cuisinart's Lightweight Cleaning Kit Keeps Your Grill Ash-Free—and It's Selling Fast

The three-piece set is climbing up Amazon's charts this week.

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Cuisinart CPC-120 3-Piece Pellet Grill Ash Cleaning Kit
Photo: Amazon

Nothing says summer like a barbecue with all of the classic fixings, but a grill covered with ash and grease can ruin an otherwise perfect meal. If you own a smoker or a pellet grill, making sure you have a clean cooking surface is essential for the best tasting food.

That's why shoppers are snapping up the Cuisinart three-piece grill cleaning set that's only $14 at Amazon. Earlier this week, it jumped to the top of the retailer's Movers and Shakers chart, with a 700% increase in sales. What's more, it also landed itself on the top of Amazon's list of bestselling grill scrapers.

Cuisinart 3-Piece Pellet Grill Ash Cleaning Kit
Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: Cuisinart 3-Piece Pellet Grill Ash Cleaning Kit, $14 at

The set comes with a dust scoop, a soft bristle brush, and a scraper and features a light and compact design. Each piece stacks together, with the longest tool only measuring about a foot long. The dust pan is large enough to scoop up ash and includes a comb on the side to clean your brush. Made with soft bristles, the brush is sturdy enough to pick up large and small crumbs, and the scraper helps to remove any grease and stuck-on bits.

It's the ideal tool to help maintain your grill, which is key for keeping your food free of any buildup, and it helps the grill function by removing any debris blocking airflow and temperature controls.

Amazon shoppers say it's one of the most helpful tools they've purchased recently, praising its convenient design. "Being stackable is the best selling point of these cleaning tools for the BBQ. I hate cleaning my Weber 21-inch grill but this makes short work of the job of cleaning," one reviewer said. Another mentioned that they even gifted it to their son who is a smoking "fanatic."

Grills can be an investment, but this set is an affordable way to make sure it's properly cared for. And, as a bonus, it'll help all of your favorite foods taste great. Grab the $13 brush cleaning set at Amazon now.

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