If You Aren't Seasoning Your Cast Iron Cookware, You Need to Buy This

Users call it a “miracle.”

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seasoned cast iron skillet and a stick of crisbee stik
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Attention, cast iron cookware owners. Yes, your collection of pots, pans, griddles, and grills are tough as nails—ready to handle searing temperatures, trips to wild locales, and a wide range of recipes—but only if you maintain its seasoning.

A solid seasoning not only protects your cast iron surface from rust, chips, and flaking, but the layer of carbonized oil is what gives the cookware its signature easy-release finish. And no matter if you're building up a new pan's first layer, replacing a coating you accidentally stripped, or simply want to maintain your hard-earned patina, there's one affordable accessory Amazon shoppers swear by: the Crisbee Stik.

Crisbee Stik Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Seasoning
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To buy: Crisbee Stik Cast Iron and Carbon Steel Seasoning, $15 at amazon.com

Rather than measure, pour, and buff messy oil onto your cast iron cookware, the Crisbee Stik easily seasons your surface with a simple swipe. The deodorant-shaped applicator holds a special blend of beeswax and plant oils, which glides on to protect and maintain a smooth nonstick glaze. And unlike vegetable shortening or flaxseed oil, the Crisbee formula won't turn rancid and ruin your food.

The 2.3-ounce seasoning stick is enough to treat a 10-inch skillet up to 60 times. For regular maintenance, simply apply a light layer on your clean, dry pan, and wipe off any excess conditioner before storing. If you're christening a new piece, coat with Crisbee and then place upside down in an oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. After three applications, it should be slick enough for eggs to slide out.

The Crisbee Stik has earned more than 2,000 five-star ratings from customers who confirm it truly does cut down on the time and mess of seasoning cast iron. Some even call it a "miracle product."

"This stuff is amazing," one wrote. "I've seasoned a couple more brand-new Lodge [pans] (one of them being a grill pan with ridges) and they all perform like a well-seasoned pan with such minimal effort. It's changed my whole perspective on how to season a pan correctly."

Another added, "[I] have used this to resurrect a skillet, my great-grandmother's cornbread molds, and now a barbeque grill. The skillet was heading toward the trash before I tried Crisbee."

And since the Crisbee Stik costs only $15, it's inexpensive insurance for your beloved cast iron cookware. Pick one up from Amazon now for fuss-free seasoning.

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