Make Your Kitchen Feel Brand New with One of These Cool Countertops

Our 6 favorite new trends in countertop design.

With many of us cooking and dining at home more often, the surfaces we're surrounded by have been drawn into sharper focus. When it comes to countertops, ease of cleaning is absolutely essential, but durability and style shouldn't fall to the wayside. Below, our favorite trends in countertop design for the next time the heart of your home needs a fresh look.

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Daring Darks

Blacks, grays, and metallics bring stylish sophistication to any kitchen. For its Dark collection, quartz brand Caesarstone introduced (1) Oxidian*, resembling rusty textured steel, as well as Black Tempal, which layers white across charcoal black. Part of the new Avant-Garde Series of Cosentino's ultra-durable Dekton material, (2) Laurent is a striking dark brown with gold veining.

Quiet Color

The all-white kitchen—while timeless—is getting a shake-up, with muted tones and off-whites adding warmth. (3) Malvern quartz from Cambria has a creamy vanilla hue with gray accents for a touch of coziness, while Artistic Tile's (4) Blue Calcite, sourced from Brazil, evokes a serene lagoon.


For those who prefer natural stone, granite has always been the more practical alternative to posh-yet-porous marble. Now, quartzite is all the rage for being even more durable than granite.

Feigned Veining

As manufactured stone becomes increasingly realistic-looking, brands are boldly mimicking the world's most dramatic natural minerals. Khalo, another debut from Cosentino's Avant-Garde Series, is a shimmering mix of black, gold, and espresso inspired by Patagonia granite. The Eternal Collection, part of Cosentino's Silestone line, released (6) Et Dor, with gold veins that are unique in every slab.

Clean Cuts

The Corian Endura line of porcelain countertops launched this past fall, and the high-performance material does not promote the growth of bacteria, mildew, or mold. Its industrial (7) Urban Cement is one of 11 available colorways offered in a satin sheen or textured mineral finish.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your home germ-free is more vital than ever. Karen Williams, owner of NYC design firm St. Charles, recommends smooth surfaces and plain edging so bacteria can't build up in crevices.

* Pricing is dependent on many variables, including location and installation. Contact individual companies for guidance.

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