It’s time to bring precision, control, and convenience to your cooking.
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If you're a hands-on home cook, like me, who likes to use your hard-earned skills, intuition, and cookbooks in the kitchen, it's natural to be a little leery of all the latest tech being integrated into appliances. After all, who wants more screen time, more alerts, and a screaming match with Alexa at dinnertime for not understanding your Australian-inflected English? But even hardened skeptics can't begrudge an oven that cooks a roast perfectly for you with the push of a button, or a fridge that automatically orders groceries. Welcome to the world of smart-kitchen sorcery, where a new class of appliances won't just help you get organized—they'll help you cook and entertain better, too.


To make after-dinner cleanup a bit less painful, the dishwashers in Miele's G7000 series automatically dispense the amount of detergent needed for a particular load. They are enabled with a function called AutoDos, compatible with Miele's PowerDisk dishwashing powder dispenser. If you connect your dishwasher to the Miele app, it'll reorder disks, too. (From $1,499,

Samsung touchscreen fridge
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The Samsung Family Hub (essentially a big touchscreen on the fridge door) launched a few years ago and is dialing up that offering with a new interface linked to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa via the SmartThings Cooking app. This means you can search for recipes
and buy ingredients via linked marketplaces, including Amazon Fresh and Kroger. If you also own any of Samsung's other connected appliances, the app can communicate with those and apply settings for a specific dish. (Refrigerators from $2,099,

Liebherr's Monolith fridges now have an integrated SmartDeviceBox with FridgeCam (from $5,599,, a Wi-Fi–enabled device that connects to an app, which lets you turn on the SuperCool or SuperFrost functions for a speedy cool down while you're grocery shopping. Plus, a wireless camera takes a photo of your fridge every time you close the door so you can check what you're missing from anywhere.

Credit: Courtesy of Monogram


Wolf has incorporated useful tech into its new releases, such as the Wolf E Series Built-In Oven (from $4,865, and the incredibly chic Induction Range (from $7,950) with a digital touch panel. Both are installed with Gourmet Mode, an app that guides you through the cooking process with digital prompts.

LG's InstaView Slide-In Ranges are connected to their ThinQ app, and some 2021 models feature Air Sous Vide, Air Fry, and ProBake Convection (from $999, Not sure what these cooking modes do? No problem! The ranges can connect to the app via your phone, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa to offer recipes or send cooking instructions straight to the oven.

Monogram Luxury's Professional Range (from $10,200, features TrueTemp, a gas burner that can be set to hold an exact temperature. The Café Appliances Smart Built-In Convection Wall Oven (from $3,221, allows you to open the door with your voice and sports an in-oven camera so you can check on your cooking from the other room.

July 2021